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by Sean Kraemer


Period 2

Mrs. Creel


  • 2nd planet from the Sun - 108 million km./0.72 a.u.
  • Nearly the size of Earth - 91% of Earth's diameter
  • 91% of Earth's gravity
  • Rotation - 243 Earth days
  • Revolution - 224 Earth days

Anthem of Venus

Quick Facts



"Oh cloudy one, Oh cloudy one, let your heat disintegrate me! Such a loney one, no moons nearby. Oh cloudy one, Oh cloudy one, let your heat disintegrate me!"

Why Venus?

   Burn to a crisp in the 'warm' venusian heat and chill out in a crater. You also never have to worry about what the weather will be, it's cloudy 24/7!

Venus Destinations

       Venus is an excellent vacation location for many reasons. First, this planet is "warm", a great place to get a tan in seconds!. Also there are many geographic locations to enjoy too. Venus is the closest planet to Earth (0.7 a.u!) so nice travel times. Make Venus your next vacation destination!

     Venus has a few major places to visit such as Maxwell Montes, the highest mountain on Venus. This mountain is taller than Mount Everest at about 35,000 ft. tall.