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This is the state bird called the Gallic Rooster.

               French Guiana

This is the French Guiana Coat of Arms.

This is the island of French Guiana.

French Guiana's size in area is 91,000 square mi.

This is the French Guiana Flag.

 Blue and red are the time-honored colors of Paris, while white is the color of the Royal House of Bourbon.

Basic Information

French Guiana's type of government is French Republic.

The capital of French Guiana is Cayenne.

French Guiana's longitude and latitude is 4° N, 53° W.

One of French Guiana's landforms is rivers.

One of the rivers are called the Lawa River.

The last landform is hills and small mountains. 
One of the mountains are called Montagne Patawa.


Another landform is forests. 

To the south, the land is literally an unsettled wilderness, covered by a dense jungle and parts of the Amazon rain forest.

The climate for French Guiana is tropical, hot and humid throughout the year, with a relatively dry and slightly warmer season from July to November, and a rainy season from December to June.


One man made feature is a Madras Guyane Francaise. 

It's a dress that is worn in French Guiana and madras is a type of fabric a human made there.

Human Features

This is a sugarcane.

Sugarcanes are used for many types of foods in French Guiana.

This is a hammock, it is made out of cotton.

 They are stored in a little house called a Carbet in French Guiana.

This is bauxite.

They found bauxite in Cayenne, French Guiana while mining.

 Natural Resources

This is kaolin, also called china clay. 

Kaolin is found in caves and some mountains in French Guiana.

Another natural resource is gold. 

They found gold in 1850 in French Guiana. 

One of the industrial products is cotton.

Cotton is used to make cloth and any clothing.

Industrial Products

Fertilizer is another industrial product.

Fertilizer is helpful to grow crops/plants in French Guiana. It also makes soil clean and healthy.

Another industrial product is petroleum.

It is used for oil and gasoline.

One of the things that are grown in French Guiana is corn. 

It is an export crop so it is sold at the market.

The last grown thing in French Guiana is rice.

It is an export crop so it is able to be sold at the market in French Guiana.


Another thing grown in French Guiana is Cassava.

They use Cassava just to eat, and they also use it to make pudding.

One of the cultures in French Guiana is Islam.

There are two official holidays in Islam: Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated at the end of Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha it commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to Allah.

The last culture in French Guiana is Buddhism.

One of the holidays there is Bon Festival. The Bon Festival is when the spirits of the dead are said to return home to their families.


Another culture in French Guiana is Hinduism.

 Diwali is one of the holidays they celebrate. It is basically a festival and it's known for the festival of lights.