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If you give Kaleigh Music, then she will listen to it. If she listens to it, then she will dance like nobody's watching. I she finds out that the guy she likes is watching her dance, she will be embarrassed. If Kaleigh gets embarrassed, then her face will turn red. If her face turns red, then her friend will laugh at her. If her friend laughs at her, then everyone in the class will look over and wonder what is going on. If the whole class looks at the two, they will both go tomato faced. If they go tomato faced, then the whole class will laugh at them. If everyone laughs at them, then they will laugh until the bell rings. If they laugh until the bell rings, then they will be late to their next class. If they are late to class, then they took the long way to class.If they took the long way, then they will see Kaleigh's crush. If they see him, then they will say hi. If they say hi, then he will say hi nice dance moves. If he says nice dance moves, then Kaleigh will be happy. Conclusion: If you give Kaleigh music, then she will be happy.