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Vincent Van Gogh

By: Nia Heard

Class: Art HIstory Honors Online


I am creating this presentation about the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh, because his art truly captivates my attention and is extremely facinating. By creating this project I am able to share his childhood and his approach to becoming an artist. I am also able to share his upcoming into the artistic world and who his artistic influence was. By describing these important events in his life, I am able to share different forms of art he created other thsn paintings. 

Childhood and Background

 Vincent Willem Van Gogh, known as Vincent Van Gogh or Van Gogh, was born on March 30, 1853 and died on July 29, 1890. Gogh grew up in the Nertherlands and was a quiet and serious child.  He was born into an upper-middle class family. What started his intrest in art is his facination to drawing as a child. He was a self taught artsit who grew up to influence the history of Western art. As he grew up he moved to London to persure his career as an artist.



Van Goghs Style (1)

some of Van Gogh's paintings included his style of darkness and realism. This piece is called Peasant Woman Cooking by a Fire. It was made in 1885, using Oils as the medium. 

Style (2)

The other style Van Gogh portrayed in his paintings was the style of vivid color. The color entcing color used in this painting is white and blue. The name of tis painting is Wheat Field with Cypresses. It was created with the medium Oil in 1885. 

Painting 1

The name of this paiting is Cypresses and it was made in 1889, using oil as the medium. 

Painting 2

This painting is called The potato peeler, which was made with oil as the medium and was made in 1885.

Painting 3

This painting is called "Road in Etten" and was made with the mediums chalk, watercolor, pastel and underlined with pen and brown ink. It was made in 1881. 

Painting 4

This painting is called "Self Portait with a Straw Hat", which was made in 1887 on an oil canvas. 

Painting 5

This painting is called "Madame Roullin and Her Baby", and was made in 1888, with an oil canvas. 

Painting 6

This painting is called "Shoes", and was made with Oil as the mediuma nd was made in 1888. 

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