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Los Angeles, CA

BY: Jake Langheld

   Los angeles has a population of 3.884.Los angeles is located in the southwest of california,it is also located in north america.Los angeles was founded on september 4th 1781,it was founded by felipe de neve.It was also never the capital of california.Also some of the most popular neighborhoods in la are Hollywood,Beverly hills,venice,and downtown la and etc.The climate in L.A is warm and dry but latley it has been rainy and wet.

All about LA

 Historic sites in los angeles

   Universal Studios, Universal studios is famous because they make a lot of very popular movies like despecible me and etc.This is also a giant amusment park.

The  dodgers stadium is one of the most iconic baseball satdiums in mlb history it is where jakie robinson the first african american person to ever play baseball in the major leagues

Venice beach isnt very historic it is more just an all around fun place to be it is great for spending time with your family and it is awesome.

     The hollywood sign is one of the most iconic things in los angeles it actually used to say hollywood land but then they changed it to just hollywood.

The madame tussads hollywood wax meusem is a place with a lot of wax pictures and paintings of very notable people.

The best ways to get around the city are ,walking,taking a taxi/uber,and also by busses.I would prefer walking,because  You get to expirence all of the beautiful city and see everything about it.But if your going long distance I would say take the bus or a taxi or some type of car

Transportatio/best ways to get around the city

Sports and recreation

Los angeles has a lot of diffrenet sports teams but here are some of the The ucla bruins,The los angeles lakers,the los angeles clippers,the los angeles rams,Los angeles chargers,Usc trojans and etc..

  The arts that are popular in los angeles are motion pitures (which are just basically movies)Also music is very popular in los angeles.There are a lot of places that you can go to listen to music and also there are many many many places to go to see a movie.Some of the popular places you can go to see movies are New beverly Cinema,and also ipic theaters.Some of the places you can go to listen to music areThe wiltern and the Mint.

Arts and culture


  Most of the popular foods have some type of meat,but anyways here are some foods there is the big pretzle,deep froed twinkies and a resturant called double,double which is famous for its burgers and fries.But some of the places in los angeles are very nice and expensive returants some of the resturants are The palm resturant downtown los angeles,the water grill and etc.. But also a really weird food that I Found is a salmon pizza it has the crust and then salmoon and thats it.