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What Things




BY: Priya C.



The Deep Sea:




By: Priya


Table of contents








~Larger Animals


~Other facts






















































































































































In this presentation you'll


see all the different animals


in the ocean and what their


'' known'' for.




In this presentation you'll see


all the different animals in the ocean


 and what their "known" for.















A microbe or micorganisim is a 


bacteria that can cause a


disease in your body such as the 




- Chicken pox 




-Common Cold













Algae is type of ''PLANT"


that is created 


by photosynthesis



Microorganisims can 


have algae as their homes



Larger Animals


The more bigger animals such as 


the Beluga are the carnivorous


animals, they can eat octopus,


squid, crabs, sandworms,


and fish (variety)


They are well known for their huge hump on 


their head which can let them have 






Other Facts:


The anemone or sea anemone


are actually a group of predators


who use their '' tenticles''


as their self defense the


venom paralyzes the prey or


 the predator with one single 













So, in conclusion the different types of 


 animals can vary in size, shape and skills.


Though the ones I have shown you


can have poison or carry diseases


they can also help the underwater


enviorment, like the algae can create 


homes for other animals. And the 


anemone can protect smaller 


creature from larger animals.








 Algae~ a non flowering plant in a group that relates to seaweed

 Anemone~ a group of water-dwelling animals


 that use their tentecles for self defense


 Beluga~ a small white toothed whale related to


 the narwal


 Chicken Pox~ an infection causing mild rash


 and blisters on the face


 Microbes~a bacteria that causes dieases