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The Articles of


Confederation VS.


The Constitution

A long time ago America was created.



We started off as a british colony living under the rules of the british king. But over time our founding fathers joined together and began to create a government and create a new and independent country. 

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So they came together a wrote the Articles of confederation. 


Each state had there own laws and independence.

Congress controlled the army and money, and the government couldn't levy taxes.  



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The Articles of Confederation were failing to keep the country together. 



So the founding fathers joined together once again to write the Constitution. 

In the Constitution there are seven articles that were created to help keep order between the states and the government. 


The first of these articles is the Legislative Branch. 

The Legislative branch is divided into two houses. The Senate, and the house of representatives. 

These are the people that make the laws and the military. 

They also control the money in the country. 


The second article in the constitution is the Executive Branch.


This is the president, vice president, and the cabinet. 

Together these people run the military, make treaties, and protect the constitution


The third article is the Judicial branch. 


This is the Federal Court System.

They interpret the law, decide whether a law is unconstitutional or not, and help fix problems between the states. 

The fourth article is The State's


This article lets the states decide on their own laws but still have to obey federal law.

This fave the government more control over the state's.

The fifth article is Amendments


This allows us to fix the constitution without changing it so that certain laws can be passed

The sixth amendment is debts, Supremacy, and Oaths.


This makes it so that no one person is above the law and must take an oath saying that they will follow it.


It also makes it so that the constitution is above any other law in the country and must stay that way.

Finally, the seventh article is Ratification.


This gives credit to the men who sighned and wrote the constitution, and represents all of the states.

So while the Articles of Confederation gave the states more power the Constitution gave them fairly equal powers.

The constitution made three branches of government and made the articles to protect the country and the constitution itself.

The Articles of Confederation lacked all of this which is why it failed. 

So overall the constitution is better and keeps our America running well. 


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