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The Little Ornament 

By: Cole and Ian

One day there was a little ornament named Joe. Joe was not an ordinary ornament, He was small, dirty, and old.

Joe was neglected by his owner every year, when they where decorating the tree. He watched as his owner put more and more ornaments on the tree every year.

Evey year Joe would shout " Put me on the tree this year please" He would scream louder and louder, but the mother couldnt hear him.

Every year he would watch the mother put all the other ornaments on the tree exsept for him. He was a book in the corner. Joe was hoping that one year he to could be on the tree with the other ornaments.

One year he heard a child screaming from the other room screamming wa wa wa. It was a little boy.

Joe watched the child grow up over the years. It was a toatal of six years. Joe counnted the years over time, watching the child grow up, say its first word, and take its first steps. Soon he was walking like a human.

One year he asked his mom if he could decorate is own tree, but his mother said " not yet, your to young, maybe when your older." "But that will take forever" said the boy. But then mother just smiled and walked away.

The mother had  smaller tree that was about 3 feet tall in one box. The boy ran to his mom and asked her if he can use it for his tree to decorate. The mom said yes because the mother never used the tree anyways.

The boy found a box in the garage and found some small ornaments the size of his hand and some ribben.

joe was screaming left and right saying" put me on the tree!" But the boy couldn't hear him. the boy needed one more thing to make his tree perfect 

The boy looked through all the boxes and couldn't find anything, but there was still one box left 

The boy found a small, dirty, old ornament like a lost toy and said "that's perfect." He ran to the kitchen and grabed some soap and cleaned the ornament.

He then put joe on the tree where all of the other ornaments could see him on his own tree. He was clean as a car coming out of a car wash. he was standing out as a skyscraper. 

The mother saw the tree and the boy said bam "Oh I have been looking for that for a long time Ian. Ian then smiled. 

Ian used the ornament every single year after that.