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By:Jordan Alomar

The Harpy Eagle



Deticated to:Ursula Alexander,Alfred Alexander,Lily Alomar,Angel Alomar,Grandma and Grandpa


The Harpy Eagle

By:Jordan Alomar

Published on: Febuary 6,2017 in Mrs.Scott's reading class

Chapter 1-where it lives pg.6



Chapter 2-Size/verdabrate or 


inverdabrate pg.8




Chapter 3-Eating Habits pg. 10



Chapter 4-Abaption pg. 12



Chapter 5-Description pg. 14



Chapter 6-Interesting facts pg.





About the Author pg.18

Table of Contents:


 The Harpy eagle lives in


the South America Panama


Rainforest.The harpy eagle lives on


the emergrent layer of the rainforest.










Chapter 1-Where does It live?

Image result for pics of a harpy eagle in its habitat

Image result for south america panama rainforest


The size of a female Harpy


Eagle can be between 6


and 9 kilograms.


A male is smaller soo it is


around 4 to 6 kilograms.The Harpy


Eagle is also a verdabrate.That


means it has a bakbone.

Chapter 2-

Size/Invertabrate or Verdabrate



Image result for harpy eagles habitat

Image result for teenage harpy eagle



Chapter 3- eating habits


They are carnivores soo


they focues on tree-


dwelling things like 




opossums and lots ,more.




The Harpy Eagle is a carnivore.


That means it eats meat.


the Harpy Eagle focuses on things like




last of all oppossums.


The Harpy Eagle needs ways to


survive right?For its nest it puts


fresh green twigs and


branches.The Harpy Eagle puts


them in the nest soo it can provide


a cooler envirtment for the




Chapter 4- Adaptations


The Harpy Eagle huge talons


can be as large as a


bears claws.lts legs can be


almost as thick as a mans wrist!!


l wouldnt want to mess with this


animals babies!!

Chapter 5-Description

Related image

Image result for amazing pics of the harpy eagle

Chapter 6-lnteresting facts


The Harpy Eagle can hunt over


a territory up to 20 square


miles.The Harpy is also the


most powerful raptor threw out


America.suprizingly the Harpy


Eagle takes over 3 days to


digest is food!


They can fly up to a speed of


48mph.Iast but not least the Harpy


Eagle may only hunt two times a





Image result for the most amazing pics of the harpy eagle

Image result for the most amazing pics of the harpy eagle


About the Author