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Tut Junior Makes A Pot

Aleks Parrish

Hello! Im Tut Junior and I'll be helping you make your very own clay pot! You can use this pot for decoration or it can be functional and helpful in everyday egyptian life. Come join me on this fun activity!


Well here we are in my chamber! Im going to work on a big table with lots of room. So let's begin by setting up all of our tools and the clay we will be using. Once you think your ready lets start by wedging your clay. When you wedge clay you are removing any air bubbles from it so it doesn't get damaged in the kiln. We will learn more about that later. So take your hands and squish or knead the clay together. Then cut it in half with a wire cutter to check for air bubbles. If you see any fill them up with clay. Now your ready for the next step!

Now lets make the base for our clay pot. What we will do is cut out a circular shape. Take a peice of clay and roll it out nice and flat to a certain thickness. Then, use your fetaling knife and cut out the shape. Take your extra clay and put it with the rest. You will use it later! Great job! Now, wasn't that easy?


Let's make some slip and score the bottom of our base before we continue on. Slip is like a glue that will hold our project together. Make slip by taking some clay and putting it in a small cup and adding water to it. Haha! Yay good job! To score the base of your pot just use a fork to scratch it up. Nile my egyptian cat loves to scratch things up, so he will help me! Now we are ready for the next part!


Meet another one of my friends! This is cleopatra my pet snake. She will help us in the next step of making a clay pot. Take some clay and roll it out into a shape of a snake, just like Cleopatra. Use your fingertips to help you, and make sure your coil doesn't crack or break. If it does just use some water to fix it. You can make several types of coils; like vertical, horizontal, or spiral. Im going to make some horizontal coils. Yay! this is so much fun! Are you having fun?


Now take your coil and score or scratch the bottom of it. Then take some slimy slip that you made and then spread it on the places you scored. Wow! You are doing such a good job! Next, take your coil and base and put them together and knit the coil to the base so it sticks.  Use a flat edged tool to knit the edges together. After you knit them together smooth the edges away with your finger and some water.


Now you know all the basic steps to build your clay pot! Make some more coils, and add them to your project using the techinques i showed you! After your done adding coils, and it's completly smooth you can start adding details! Lets carve some designs into our beautiful pot. Use a ribbon tool to remove clay. When you carve into your pot it's called subtractive or negative detail. When carving into you pot be careful not to break through it! If you add more clay on the outside in different shapes and sizes thats called addative detail. Once finished with adding or subtracting details let your project dry.


This our kiln we will be using to fire our project. When you put clay into a kiln it just cooks it so it becomes strong and sturdy. Before it goes into the kiln make sure its mummy bone dry; we call that greenware. Take your clay pot and set it carefully into the kiln and bisque fire at cone 04/1940 degrees fahrenheit.


Yay! Our clay pot is now ready to take out of the kiln. After you take it out make sure you sand and rinse your project to make sure its very smooth and details are precise. Now the real fun begins! You can start glazing your pot with many different colors. Glaze is a special kind of paint that you use in ceramics, and it makes your projects looks nice! Glazes come in many colors, textures, and different styles. I will use the teacher's pallet glazes for my pot. OH! Make sure you use lots of layers of glaze. After your done glazing put it into the kiln one last time for 05-06/1915 degrees fahrenheit glaze fire.

Look at the beautiful pot we created! Now i can use it in my tomb for decration!


We aren't done just yet. We still have to clean up our mess that we made! Take your clay  and wrap it up with cloth and put it in a trash bag. Coffin my mummy friend will take care of it for us! Also, spray some water on your clay so it stays moist until next time, and then close up you bag. Put it away so its ready to use the next time. Also rise and clean the tools you used for the project.

I had such an amazing time making a clay pot with you! I hope you enjoyed it as much. Bye Bye!