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Learning With Mickey

Andy Quach


Nov. 25, 2016

Hey there boys and girls!

Today we are going to talk about empiricism!

Come with me, Mickie, and I will you how cool empiricism can be!

Can you kids tell me what this is? That's right! It's a car. Now can you kids tell me what you see when you look at the car?

Did you say that it is big, hard, it has wheels to move, and that it is fast? Good job you are right! How did you know all of that?

The reason you know all this is because you have seen a car before. Your past experiences with cars means that you could describe a car for me. This is called empiricism! Cool right?

It looks like a big scary word, but it is not. It just means that we know things because of our five senses and past experiences

You have been inside a car before, so you need that it moves very fast. You also knew that it is very big and hard because you have seen and touched it before.

There are different types of empiricism, but the coolest one is classical. It means that everyone is born knowing nothing. Everyone started with no knowledge.

Some people do not agree with this idea because when we are babies how are we able to cry and eat? You must be born with some knowledge to be able to do these things.

Another type of empiricism is Radical. This just means that our five senses are the reason we know things. That means sight, touch, feel, taste, and sound are the reasons that you can. This is why you were able to describe the car.

Did you know that there was a man named John Locke and he believed that everyone was born with something called a clean slate. This just means that when we were born we had no knowledge. 

He thought this because we can only learn things from experience, and we never have any experience if we were just born. Cool right?

He also said that there is a primary quality and a secondary quality to objects. A primary quality is something that is directly related to an object, like the shape of an object.

A secondary quality is based on a persons opinion of the object, like  the colour of the object.

I hope you kids learned a lot today! Come and join me again next time where we will learn about how the universe was created. Make sure to come back and play with me. Goodbye Everyone!