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 4.4 ounces or about 4 wings 

salt sauce sugar 

these affect your blood and heart 

is about $4 per servings 


Orange chicken

5.7 ounces per servings 

soy sauce 

corn starch 2 cups of canola oil


soy sauce has a lot of sodium to the body and possible could kill you.

corn starch adds calories Cornstarch is essentially a highly processed carbohydrate

sugar contains a whole bunch of sugar and no essential nutreints

cost per serving is $5.35


servings 1 per 1 slice   

tomato paste sugar salt pizza sauce are bad ingredients 

they affect our body 

is about 3.50 per serving 


each slab has 13-14 ribs on it so servings are probably 3 

bad ingredients barbecue sauce salt brown sugar chili powder 

how do these affect our body they affect your blood stream sometimes your brain and your body.

cost per serving is $10

#5: Cookies, Cakes & Pies (Macaroons) 

up to 71% sugar 

1 serving is two cookies 

ingredients that are bare are sugar butter vanilla chocolate baking soda 

these ingredients affect your body 

cost per serving is roughly $0.65 cents 


these ingredients affects the body and blood.

!.75 per serving




toaster strudels 

there's 6 in each box so people probably eat two two so three servings 

corn starch modified corn starch salt sugar citrus acid palm oil syrup 

these bad for the bod and blood, it has acid in it which is bad sugar is a lot of sweets and can raise peoples blood pressure

$0.72 cents at walmart 

#8: Fruit Canned in Syrup (Papaya)
Up to 52% Sugar

#9: Sauces & Instant Gravies (Barbeque Sauce)
Up to 38% Sugar

Pizza rolls 


32 small seedless grapes ( 1 cup ) is one serving 

grapes are good for the body they are also a healthy snack grapes are a fruit and fruit is healthy 

$2.88 for one pound 

wheat bread 

1 slice of bread is 1 serving 

it is a better choice because it has  fiber-rich and has proteins




meaning eggs offer all nine essential amino acids that can't be made by humans and therefore must come from our diets.They have a high number of proteins. 

$ 2.99 

3 white eggs = 2 servings   

peanut butter 

servings is two tablespoons 

it has a lot of protein in it 

$ 2.69


1 serving is two cups 

it is made up of vegetables and vegetables are healthy 

$ 11 

grilled chicken 

3 oz is 1 serving so 1 piece of chicken 

good source of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. 

$ 3.18 


!/2 cup is one serving 

very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, and pantothenic acid.

5 pound bag is 2.55 

rice cake 

1 serving is 9 grams 

low in calories and fat

$ 3.00


It is full of vitamin K and anthocyanins that help with mental function and concentration. These nutrients also prevent nerve damage, improving your defense against Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Red cabbage has the highest amount of these power nutrients.

roughly $0.99 per pound 

servings 1/8 of head of cabbage is 1 cup 

Brussels sprouts 

Brussels sprouts are rich in many valuable nutrients. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K. They are a very good source of numerous nutrients including folate, manganese, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, choline, copper, vitamin B1, potassium, phosphorus and omega-3 fatty acids.

$ 1.98

5 servings per container so 20 per bag 

  1. water 2 liters per day is what people need per day
  2. protein  0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (or 0.37 grams per pound) per day
  3. fat .4 or .5 per pound you weigh per day
  4. minerals 1,000 milligrams and 10 to 15 milligrams of iron and zinc per day
  5. vitamins only a pinch per day
  6. carbohydrate 225 and 325 grams per day


interesting facts 

  1. water dissolves and carries nutrients          
  2. fat provides long time energy 
  3. protein builds new tissue 
  4. minerals helps build bones and teeth 
  5. vitamins involved in growth of hormones  
  6. Carbohydrate provides energy