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Disney was born on december 5 in chicago ,illinios . in 1911 he began drawing painting and seel art to his family and friends .he Walter attended cartoon classes and photagrapghy and his love for animation began .after he finished high school disney moved to france to become a ambulance driver ,(which is why theres a disney land in france) after he returned from france ge go in touch with a man by the name of fred herman , disney and herman would make cartoons and publish them in the news paper . one famous toon was called laugh o grams .Soon after that became a hit he and herman move to hollywood were disney brother studios was born.After that walter developed new animations ,including mickey mouse, and those shorts films turned into to movies 


















































For my project i choose Walter disney because his animations hannels and Disneyland made my childhood happy , because of his happy endings in every movie or show. Walter disney was an american motion  picture,and television producer and showman


Walter Disney

by Shayla Aggrey