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Logan, Paul, Skylar and Crystal were so confused and lost on where they were, they didn’t know what had just happened. They all started arguing and fighting with one another, till Skylar yelled “DINOSAUR, RUN!!!” and they all ran for their life! They ran so fast that they lost the T-Rex from chasing them.

They all sat down and started thinking Paul mentioned that they should go back to the spot they appeared at and see if any clues are hidden there to go back home. Crystal agreed and said, “Yes maybe there’s a portal on that side”. Crystal, Logan, Paul and Skylar all started walking back.

The four friends had no idea how to get back home, they all needed to put their brains together and figure a way to leave this Mesozoic Era, if not they would be stuck there forever!  As they kept walking they saw different types of creatures that are not from their era anymore.

The creatures they would see were very friendly and didn’t hurt them one bit. They suddenly noticed that they were stuck for a while already, so Crystal checked the time and it had already been an hour! Paul then started panicking and yelling because he was hungry and wanted to go back home,  so everyone yelled “We’re hungry and want to leave home too!” Logan was upset because everyone was mad at him for taking them to another era on accident so he stopped his friends from walking and said “Stop! We need to sit down and figure out a plan or strategy on how to leave back home, if not we won’t ever leave.”

Paul hears a noise and there it is again, the T-Rex! The three friends started running again and Paul stayed behind to take down the T-Rex, everyone then turned around and yelled “No Paul come back!”  Paul as a champ fought that T-Rex and saved the day! The four friends then saw something shiny and noticed that it was the portal to go back home, they had to climb a big mountain but surprisingly got a ride from a Velociraptor who runs faster than the Flash.

The four friends finally got to the top,found the portal and walked in it together and arrived back at the museum and ran into the rest of the class perfectly on time.