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Terror in town

by: Jade Madison

         I believe in a world where everything is peaceful but, I do not live in that world. I have decided not to take the bus home today because it felt like a very off day. Walking back to my apartment, I saw police cars speed down the street. I wonder what is going on but in the end I don’t care. So I keep on moving down the street and turn the corner into an alley. It was dark but I can make out the end that turns onto Rocker Street. I don’t usually take this short cut but I had a feeling I had to today. Out of nowhere a door opens on my right side. I stand still for a moment glued to the ground. The door slides open revealing a heavy set man wearing mismatched clothes and has a tattoo peeking out from under his shirt sleeve. I duck into the boxes next to the dumpster, scared out of my mind.

          “KNOX, DROP HIM IN THE BIN THEN REPORT BACK TO YOUR DUTIES!” shouts a manly voice from inside the abandoned warehouse.

          “Geez, I’m going you terd” Knox replies under his breath. He turns in the doorway and brings a dead man out into the alley. The dead body is a young man and wears a red shirt with a leather jacket, black pants. Both are cleanly shaven with black hair. Knox lifts the dead body effortlessly and puts him in the dumpster. I slink farther into the boxes as if I am a boxtroll. Well this isn’t something you see every day I joke in my head. I usually try to joke to bring my spirit up.

           “Sorry Cody, you knew why it had to be done. I just wish that your talents, of all people, were needed” Knox exclaims. He pats Cody’s arm and leaves through the door he came through without another word. Waves of chilliness run through my body. Knox is gone now and everything seems as if nothing has happened. I slowly stand then peer into the dumpster. The body ,Cody, has scars up and down his arms, with patches of rough leathery skin. Blood covers his face that come from a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. My stomach starts to twist and I don't know what to do, where to go, or what to say.


          My phone vibrates and brings me back to reality. I check it to see and it turns out that it is my mother. She is probably wondering where I am. Turning back to the body I notice a tattoo peeking out on his right arm that looks like Knox's. A bird falling with an arrow going through its stomach. It's not just any bird but an eagle. I run all the way to Rocker Street. Where are those cops when you need them? My phone vibrates again and I answer it with shaky hands.

       “Hi Natalie” my mom says through the phone.

       “Hi mom, um why are you calling?” I ask

       “I was just wondering what you want for dinner since we will have a guest.” Oh great, another date for my mom. Ever since the divorce she has been kind of sad though she hides it well. I have tried to make her happy but there is always some grayness in her eyes.

       “Sorry, um, I’ve got to go, love you” I explain. Then as fast as I can I dial 911.

* * *

       The police department seats start to get really uncomfortable after a while. I wait because I want to hear what they think happened to Cody. A blond detective, who looks to be in his early 40's, comes in with a puzzled expression. But his face changes when he sees me.

            “Thank you young lady. You may leave know” he exclaims with a smile and uses his hands to signify the door. 

             “I want to know your theories of  the man's death” I say with curiosity.

            “ Well murder. Our M.E. Is looking at the body as we speak.” he exclaims, "and why do you care about what we think? Are you a spy or something?" he says with a mock smile.

             "Yes, I am definetly a spy" I say sarcastically. We laugh as if we are good friends. He looks in his early forties like my mom.He badge/nametag reads Steve Hood.

        "Well you must have some conclusion of your own" he says as he moves to the wooden chair across from me.

         "Okay," I start," when i noticed Cody, the body, I saw scars up and down his arms from whips or torture. There was also a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead which was obvious. Knox, the man who put Cody in the dumpster, said that he knew why he was killed. So if a person was going to be killed quickly The killler would stand in front of him. Since my dad owns many guns and that I took bullestics in high school I think the gun could have been a 20 caliber pistol. Also, Knox and Cody had matching tattoos  which probably means they are in a big group since they have to be branded. And it all brings me back to the same questions. Why are they killing people and what is this group planning to do?"
 He stares at me dumbfounded and sits up straighter. He consideers this for a moument.

        " That is a very strong conclusion" he says.

        "I am sherlocked after all." I say but he doesn't get it

        " Excuse me I have to call my mom." I slowly stand feelling my sore muscles stretch from volleyball and track. I walk out and go straight to the light post on the corner of the street. My mom freaks out of course to hear what has happened.  

        She screams "I CAN'T BELEIVE YOU'RE IN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT!!" I decide not to tell her that I am technically not in the building because it would fuel her anger/rage.


         After my phone call, I turn to go back to the buliding but I see a man down the street slowly coming toward the department. He looks very suspicious.  A homeless man, no doubt, with his ragedy clothes with dirt and scratchy beard. Eric, the man that took me to the police department after I had found Cody, comes out of the side door and trades a paper bag for money. I have no idea what to make of the situation.  I rush back inside to see that Steve is still where I left him.

          "Would you by any chance have some money so I could ride the bus home?" I ask politely

          " No money but I do have a car if it is alright with you ?" He says

*           *           *
        On our way to my apartment, Steve kept smiling like a fool. When we got to the door I realized that he was the date for my mom. I felt very stupid because I didn't find out sooner. When we went inside I said hi to my mother, Ginger Findley, and went straight to my bedroom to look up the crazy tattoo picture that I saw. It took me awhile but I had found it. On Google there was a picture with a man holding the symbol on a flag with guns surrounding it. The man looked familiar but I couldn't figure out where I had seen him. There was a tagged website that led through youtube. The website displayed pictures of terrorists from all over the world recruiting teenagers and young adults. They are called Sora.
*           *            *
          It has been a few days since I found Cody but the thought lingers in my mind. I am not really suprised that the kilings could be done by a terrorist group. There has been two killings lately and I suspect that thay all have the same killer. I really should tell Steve so that is what I will do. When I get to the building I ask a lady named Erin where Steve's office is and where he is?
          " Well Steve is in a meeting but you can wait in his office, second door on the right" She says not even giving me a glance.
          " Straight on till morning" I mumble and snicker to my self. His office is neat with a leather chair in the corner, filing cabinets full of previous cases on a wall across the chair, and a wooden desk in the middle of the room. I go snooping through the files because I am curious. Some of the cases were mind boggling, some were simple. I sit in the chair and wait for him to come. I look out the window that shows the hallway and parts of the main area where Erin is. Then I see Erin with a man, the M.E., who looks to be flirting with her. Then Steve shows up and walks straight to them and starts to talk. Erin then points at me peering through the window like a child at a toy store.

           Our eyes meet for a second but I became embarrased and turned away. Steve walks in with a smile.

         " Hello Natalie, I was'nt expecting you today," he stops," Did you find another body?" He may have meant it as a joke but I shiver just thinking about.

          " Well there is something I have to tell you." I go straight into the whole story about finding the tattoo,website, Eric, and Russell Green. Russell is a cranky old man who beleives that the U.S. should be a communist country. Well if any one is a terrorist he is. People that live around his shop, Eva's, beleive that his shop is the work of the Devil. I went on a mission to go and see him. His shop smelled like smoke and old cheese. I decided that I would play as a bad terrorist teenager who did not like the U.S. Russell totally beleived my act and gave me a peice of paper telling me where to go for the next Sora meeting. I knew he was part of it.

          Steve just sat on the edge of his desk considering everything that I said. At first I thought he wasn't listening to me but after I was done he got up, spun around and starts to type at his computer.I go to his desk and peer over his shoulder. He has found the terrorist group's website.

         " Here just in case okay," he hands me a gun that I slip into my pants," ERIN! GET IN HERE!" He shouts. Erin comes running with the the M.E. guy on her heels.Steve gets up and points at the computer and immediately Erin starts to type. She is a hacker and I admire how fast she types. She types as if her fingers turned into cheetahs.

          " Go with Matt and look at the body.You know what I am looking for,"he turns to Matt," No questions just do what I say."

                                                            *         *         *

          When Matt and I get to the morge the body is already laid out on a table. I go straight checking every where but the arm where the tattoo is. Matt is still in this room just watching me.



           " I am going to the snack room would you like anything?" he says from behind me

            " No thank you " I shout without looking at him. He leaves so quitely he could be a ninja. After he is gone i relax a bit and go straight to Cody's arm. I gasp. The tattoo... it... is..gone! Then I start to panic. Then I look at the direct spot where th symbol should be and there is stichings around it as if new skin was on top of it. Then I hear a click of a gun and turn around to see Matt pointing it straight at me.

           "I knew you were looking for it so I hid it!"he sobs," You will never tell anyone about this 'cause you will die!" He laughs like a manic and pulls up his right sleeve to reveal the symbol/tattoo. I have totally forgotten about my gun in my jeans. I will probably die like Cody and never see my mother get re-married to Steve. I am frozen and glued to the ground. 

            "For Sora!!" he shouts And I hear a bang and all I can think of is goodbye.


To Be Continued


Steve Hood



 Abandoned Warehouse