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In today's issue of Religion weekly, we will learn about Hinduism and Islam.

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 History, Copmarisons, and much much More

Religion Weekly

By: Tyler Stinson

Poly/Monotheisitic:  Hinduism is a polytheistic religion.  I know this because they worship many gods not just one.

Where and when it was developed:  It was developed in India in around 2000 B.C.E

Who it was founded by:  The people of the Indus River Valley are thought to have started Hinduism.

Sacred Text:  Its sacred texts are known as Sanatana Dharma or The Eternal Teaching.

 Where they pray or worship and who they pray to:   They worship in mandiras which are like hindu temples.  They pray to Vishnu and Shiva, who are their 2 main gods.


Poly/Monotheistic:  Islam is a montheistic religion.  I know this because they only worship one god, Allah.

Where and when it was developed: It was developed in the 7th century  or 622 CE in the middle east.

Who it was founded by:  Islam was founded on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad to honor the will of allah, the creator of the world

Sacred text:  The sacred text is the Qur'an, which contains the teachings of the prophet, Muhammad.

Where they worship or pray and who they pray to:  Islamic people worship at a mosques which is kind of like a temple they worship allah, the creator.

Islam  History

Hinduism  History


 Venn Diagram

Started by the people of the Indus River Valley

More similarities:

They worship in a Mandira

They pray to Kali and Vishnu

Started in India


Both  have a different calender used for religious purpouses

Both Believe in the Afterlife, those who did good are rewarded

Both Believe in the Afterlife

Both believe in the after life those who did evil are punished

Both were started in Asia


They pray to Allah

Started in the middle East

Started by Abraham

They Worship in a Mosques


One of major ceremonies in the islamic faith Adhan.  This occurs rights as a baby is born.  The significance of this ceremony is to make sure that the first thing a baby knows is its faith.  Adhan is when a prayer is whispered into the baby's ear when it is born.

Rights or passage and ceremonies  



One of major ceremonies in the hindu faith is the pinda pradana which occcurs after death.  The significance of this ceremony is that it makes sure the deceased person has a safe trip to the after life.


One symbol that represents the Hindu belief is the aum or om symbol which represents the 3 major hindu gods and the 3 worlds,(heaven, atmosphere, and earth). Another symbol is the swastika which represents happiness and good fortune.  One last hindu symbol is the lingam which is supposed to represent the god shiva.

One symbol that represents the islamic belief is allah, the god worshiped by islams, written in arabic.  Another is the star and cresent which is not an official islaamic symbol but, was taken on by the islam faith after they took over a city with the crescent moon and star on their flag.  One last symbol used in the isla,ic faith is the color green which was believed to be mahhumads favorite color because he always wore a green truban.



World Map


Where Islam Started                                  Where Hinduism Started



Where Islam is Practiced now           Where Hinduism is practiced Now



Mahashivaratri is a holiday celebrated by people of the Hindu faith.  Mahashivaratri is a holiday to celbrate the Hindu god Shiva.  Mahashivaratri is held on the 14th day of the dark half of the lunar month, Phalguna.   Some traditions tha tare asociated with Mahashivaratri are meditation, fasting, and the offering of prayers.  The Shiva Linga, which is a to represent Shiva, is bathed in honey, milk, and water.  Offerings are also made to Shiva.  Most offerings comsist of Bilva leaves, fruit, and other special foods.

Ramadon is a Holiday celibrated by people of the islamic faith.   This year Ramadan is celebrated  from June 28 - July 28.  The dates vary every year.  Ramadan is celebrated to show devotion to god.  A tradition that occur during Ramadan is fasting.  All Muslims who are able fast during Ramadan.


Current Event

The first Hindu secondary school in the UK may open in Harrow.  A secondary school is a school for children 11 - 18 The school hasn’t gotten permission to build the school yet.  So, this school may not be a reality.   The Avanti schools trust still needs to submit a formal planning application to the harrow council.   The council doesn’t particularly like the thought of a faith based school but, the Avanti schools trust is fighting hard for their school to be a reality.