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Written by Roald Dahl


Adapted by Kate Bishara

Charlie and The



This is Charlie, he lives in an old shack made from wood. He lives with his Mum, Dad, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina.



Grandma Georgina

Grandpa Joe





The Bucket Family



Grandma Joesephine


Mr and Mrs Bucket


Grandpa George


Willy Wonka lives in a chocolate factory. He owns the 


most popular chocolate brand in the whole world. The


only weird thing is, Willy Wonka has not been outside


of his chocolate factory for 10 years. Plus, Grandpa 


Joe and Charlie were crazy about him.


Willy Wonka


When Charlie was walking home from school one day


he saw a whole group of people reading newspapers. 


He rushed over to see what was going on. 



"Willy Wonka is letting 5 children into his chocolate 


factory" the man selling newspapers shouted. Charlie


grabbed a newspaper and ran home to show his




Charlie slammed through the door. "Look, Willy Wonka is letting 5 children go into his chocolate factory. All you need to do is get a golden ticket which are hidden in the chocolate bars". Charlie's family was so excited.



"Happy birthday Charlie" the Bucket family shouted. 


Charlie's family gave him his present. He opened it to 


find a Wonka chocolate bar but no golden ticket. Even


though Charlie was upset he shared the chocolate bar


with his family.



The first golden ticket was found by Augustus Gloop.


Augustus Gloop was a 9 year old fat boy that lived in 


Germany. His favourite thing to do is eat all day. 








The second golden ticket was found by Veruca Salt.


Veruca Salt is a 9 year old spoilt bratt who grew up in 


a very rich family. Her father made his workers unrap


thousands of chocolate bars until he found a golden 







The third golden ticket was found by Violet Garden.


Violet was a gum chewing champion, she once 


chewed the same piece of gum for 3 months. 



The fourth golden ticket was found by Mike Teavee.


Mike was eleven years old and all he wanted to do 


was watch TV all day. He didn't really care about




As Charlie was walking home from school he found


a 20 cent piece in the gutter. Charlie picked it up and 


took it to the shop. He bought 1 Wonka bar, as charlie 


opened the bar there was no golden ticket but he ate 


it anyway. 



With his left over money Charlie bought another


choclate bar. When he opened the chocolate bar


he saw the last golden ticket. Charlie ran home to 


show his family.



Charlie showed his family what he had found. At first


they thought Charlie was lying, but as soon as Charlie showed


them the golden ticket Grandpa Joe jumped up and insisted on


going with Charlie to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Mr and Mrs


Bucket let Grandpa Joe go with Charlie to the chocolate factory.


When the day finally came all the ticket winners were


lined up behind the gates. It was very quiet as they


all waited for Mr Wonka to come out. When he finally


came out the whole crowd cheered for him. Mr


Wonka invited them all in, Charlie and Grandpa Joe


were very excited.


The first room they went in was the chocolate room. There were green meadows,


a chocolate river and a huge waterfall. There were trees and bushes, but the best


part was you could eat every bit of it. All the children and there parents went off


to taste all of the delicious foods. 




Except Augustus. Augustus ran straight to the chocolate river and dipped his


face right in to it. Mr Wonka tried to tell him to stop but he just kept eating.


SPLASH! It was to late Augustus had fallen into the river. Augustus had been


sucked up by one of the pipes. He had gotten stuck in one of the pipes and the


chocolate was building up. PSSHH! Augustus went straight up to the pipes


and was heading for the fudge room. Willy Wonka sent Augustus' mother to get


her son.




Before Mr Wonka could say anything else Violet snatched the piece of gum out


of his hand and started to chew it. Mr Wonka tried to warn her that something


might go wrong. Mr Wonka was right soon as violet got to the blueberry pie she


started to turn blue and was getting fatter and fatter just like a blueberry. Mr


Wonka had no choice but to take her to the juicing room.


The second room they went into was the inventing room. In the inventing room


was a great gum machine. Mr Wonka turned it on and showed everyone what it


did, but when a tiny strip of gum came out they were all shocked. Mr Wonka 


showed them it was a 3 course dinner piece of gum. With tomato soup,roast beef 

and blueberry 


The third room they went in was the nut room. Chipmunks were peeling nuts and


checking if they were a good nut or a bad nut. If it was a good nut they 


would keep it, but if it was a bad nut they would chuck it down the hole which 


went to a bin.


Everyone just wanted to watch except for the spoilt brat Veruca Salt who


wanted a chipmunk. Her father told her no, but she really wanted one. So 


Veruca jumped over the fence and tried to grab a chipmunk, but the 


chipmunks thought she was a bad nut and chucked her down the hole that 


goes to the bin. Mr Wonka sent her father to the bin to get his daughter 



With only 2 kids left Charlie Buckets and Mike Teavee went in to the TV room.


Mr Wonka showed them that he could send chocolate through the TV. Mike


Teavee was shocked and decided he wanted to be sent through TV as well. So


Mike Teavee jumped infront of the laser and zapped himself. Before you knew


it Mike had disappeared. Mr Wonka turned on the TV and there Max was. He 


had shrunk. He was so small that he could fit in the palm of a hand. Mr Wonka


sent his father to the stretching room to get Mike stretched.




"Quickly, quickly we have to get to the next room." As Mr Wonka turned around


he was shocked to only see Charlie and Grandpa Joe left. "Where have all the


children gone?" Mr Wonka asked. "There all gone" Charlie replied. Mr Wonka


jumped up with excitement. "That means we get to go in the great glass elevator" 


Mr Wonka shouted. As they walked towards the elevator Mr Wonka started to ask


Charlie some questions.




 "So Charlie, do you like my chocolate factory?" Mr Wonka asked. 


"Yes, I think it's the most wonderful place in the world" Charlie responded.


"That's great because I want you and your family to come live with me in the


chocolate factory.


"That would be awesome, but I don't think my grandparents will be coming


because they can't walk" Charlie said sadly. 


"Don't worry we can bring the whole house with us" Mr Wonka said. 








When they got in the elevator Mr Wonka pushed the button "Up and Out".

As they started getting closer and closer to the roof Grandpa Joe asked "Mr

Wonka, are we going through the roof?"

"You bet we are" Mr Wonka responded. As they got higher and higher it got

scarier and scarier. CRASH! The glass elevator had gone straight through the

roof. As they looked down they could see the 4 kids and their parents walking

out of the factory.



"So Charlie, where do you live? Mr Wonka asked. 


"In that cottage at the top of the hill" Charlie responded. Mr Wonka pushed


another button and they started heading towards Charlie's house. CRASH! The


great glass elevator crashed into the Buckets' house. Everyone in the room was


very scared, but Mr Wonka just walked in like nothing had happened. The whole


Buckets family didn't say anything because they were so shocked that Willy


Wonka was standing right infront of them.




While Charlie explained what had been happening all day to his parents and


grandparents Mr Wonka magically put the whole house in the glass elevator 


and before you knew it they were already in the air heading towards the 


chocolate factory. By the time Charlie had finished talking Mr Wonka was 


already back to the chocolate factory. When Charlie came out of the house


looking for Mr Wonka, Charlie found himself back in the chocolate factory.


He called his family to come see and they were all amazed. Charlie and his


family stayed there forever and ever....