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The May meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.
Stan Flynn read the minutes of the April meeting.
Brian Zygadlo read the treasury report.
There was one new member, Kevin Allen, Gordon
Millerin's great grandson. Welcome to the Club.
Joe Gavenda CD invited all to attend the Annual Air
The safety fences are up. Thank you all for your help.
******** SHOW AND TELL **********
Mike Garrett had his Carbon Z ARF.
Ron Trujillo showed a Kwik Fly MK2.
Hal Parenti brought a, Bruce Tharpe, turbine powered
Steve McCarthy showed his push-pull powered Cessna 337 with retracts.
Felix Mata had a Concept X ducted fan jet. He also had a dc regulator with seemingly unlimited input/output
Ed McKeague had a Sterling aircraft and some wings that he gave away.
Volume 54 Issue 2 February 2018 Editor Gene Drag 
Photos by Joe Zumsteg
and others.
The next meeting of the Palos R/C Flying Club will be held Wednesday
March 7, 7:30 P.M. at the Willow Springs Senior Center.

                                 ** ** **
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Articles wanted for The Palos RC Crash
If there are any articles or information you
would like to see published in your newsletter,
please get a copy to Gene Drag (editor) 10 days
after a club meeting. This will give adequate
time to get it in the CC.
Palos R/C Flying Club AMA# 263
 P.O. Box 391
Palos Park, IL 60464
Meetings: 1st Wednesday of each month. Village of
Willow Springs Senior Center. 8156 Archer Ave.
Flying Site: 107
and LaGrange Rd
N 41 degrees 41.643 minutes
W 87 degrees 51.518 minutes Elevation:
649 feet above sea level
President:  Felix Mata
Vice Pres.:  JR Centeno
Recording Secy:  Stan Flynn
Corres. Secy:  Dennis DeGregorio
Treasurer:  Brian Zygadlo
Web Site: 
The Crash Chronicle is published monthly by the Palos
R/C Flying Club. We reserve the right to edit any
submitted material. The editor of this newsletter and the
officers of the Palos R/C Flying Club shall not be held
liable for errors or omissions. Permission is granted to
use any material in this newsletter provided proper credit
is given.

* * * Notices * * *
The Willow Springs 125th Birthday Parade is Saturday, June 17th at 10:00 a.m. The Palos RC Club was asked to
participate in this event. We are looking for members to attend. More info to
follow at the June general meeting.
For All You "Full Scale" Enthusiasts!
The Reunion of TBM Avengers Salute to Veterans is Saturday, May 20th in
Peru, IL.
The Cavalcade of Planes at Clow Airport is Sat & Sun, June 3rd and 4th. Our
Palos Annual Air Show is on Sunday June 4th, so if you decide to go please go to
the Cavalcade of planes on Saturday, June 3rd and save the 4th for Palos!!)
Here is a fascinating video showing a NASA launch system development that
uses model RC gliders and towplanes.
NASA's Jerry Budd Tow-Glider Air-Launch Concept | AMA Flight School.
Much Appreciated
On the morning of 4/22/2017 around 10 am, club members came out to
erect the flying field’s barriers which in my opinion officially starts
the 2017 flying season. We all had a good time kidding and joking
around as the barriers were erected with some requiring minor repairs.
I would have never guessed that it takes four members to drive one rebar into the ground. One member holds
the bar, one holds the hammer, one holds the fence and one tells the rest how to use a hammer….lol. It really
was a fun morning putting the fences up which I look forward to doing every year.
As I looked around observing my fellow members laughing and joking, I thought to myself the Palos Flying Club
is my home and it is a great organization. We all share a love for the hobby of RC, be it planes, copters, quads,
jets or even flying RC Kites (Mikey) It is a camaraderie of friendships that continues to last over the years
and for years to come.
However, there is another major factor that also binds our members and that is enjoying GOOD FOOD
together which is always served up by none other than Monica.
This lady is very special in that she saw to it that we old guys had a good WARM meal with all the trimmings
after working that day. The Good Lord in His wisdom placed Monica in our club along with her husband of
course. The effort she puts into providing us a well-planned out meal from the main dish all the way down to the
sweets is fantastic. When I finished eating, I wanted to just go to sleep on the bench and would have, but you
guys make too much noise….lol
I decided to write this article to acknowledge Monica and to show her how much she is loved by all in the club.
She has continued to keep our tummies full each and every year. She in my opinion is a woman with a big heart
with a giving and caring personality. You are MUCH APPRECIATED in all that you do for the club. May the Good
Lord Bless you and your family, oh yeah, Bill too….lol
Ron T.
Prize Winners
Brian Zygadlo won the raffle(Cub)
and gave it to new member Kevin
Hal Parenti won the glue.
June Birthdays
Gary Oostman 02
Al Yurkus 03
Steven DeGregorio 04
Gino Grassano 05
Hal Parenti 06
Andrew Turkington 07
Jordan Kaplan 08
Leonard Rigsby 09
Frank Fattore 15
Joe Gavenda 16
Joseph Cherne 17
Gene Drag 18
John Murphy 19
Bill Kanatas 23
Anthony Vosejpka 26
Michael Garrett 30
Attention Palos RC Members: FYI
An r/c modeler and Maryland attorney by the name of John Taylor filed a case on March 14th, 2017 in the
Federal Appeals Court, challenging the FAA's Small Unmanned Aircraft Registration. Today the Court ruled in
his favor, meaning that the FAA model aircraft registration is now void.
After the ruling the AMA sent a notice confirming this information.
Today, the Federal Appeals Court voids the FAA registration rule.
I don't know how this will play out over the next few months or years, but for now it is a win. Although, I
wouldn't count on getting your $5.00 back from the FAA!
Happy flying to all,
Dennis DeGregorio
What Happened to the Great Palos Glider Event ??? THE MAY 2017 EVENT WAS … … GONE
WITH THE WIND …By Joe Gavenda C.D. Rick Hixon Co C.D. And Margaret Mitchell Co C.D.
The 2017 Palos Glider Contest was to be held Sunday, May 21.But Mother Nature did not cooperate and provide
flyable conditions with warm spring time sunshine and soft gentle flowing spring time winds. Noooo… instead we
got strong gusty winds out of the southwest through the northwest. Gusts were in the neighborhood of 25 to
30 mph….NOT good for gliders. Thermal activity is non-existent under those conditions … AND there is a high
risk of a crash especially on landing. Also, it is not a lot of fun trying to control your glider when the winds are
so severe. Stan Flynn and Lee Marcheschi were the only pilots to challenge the winds, and comments from both
pilots were not encouraging…. As an understatement…I decided that under those conditions to postpone the
event. The club calendar has Sunday September 17 as an open Palos club day at the field… so I would like to
reschedule the glider event for that date. We had about 20 members attend the event with about 8 pilots with
gliders. After the decision to postpone the event we all had a nice brunch of Polish sausage prepared by Monica
and Bill Doyle. So our May glider event will be the September glider event !!! Now you have more time to tweak
your glider for the contest. Thank you all for attending the cancelled event and hope so see you in September …
Concept X foamy ducted fan.
Concept X with “afterburner” on.
Sterling aircraft.Horizon Carbon Z Cessna 150.
Steve McCarthy with his Cessna 337.
Steve McCarthy with his Cessna 337.
Kwik Fly MK2.
Another look at the Cessna 337.
Hal Parenti prepares his Reaction for show and
Another view of the Reaction.
Inside the Reaction.
TBM Avenger.
Tidy layout of the Reaction interior.
May meeting. Hal's Reaction in foreground.
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