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By : Javon Jenkins and Jah'Avieon Davis

Digital Citizenship

Blog : A website containing a


writer or a writers' own expierences .


Flamin : A hostile and insulting interaction between internet users often involving the use of profanity .


P2P : Computing or networking is a destributed application architecture that partition task or work loads between peers . 


Phishing : The activity of defrauding an online account holder of finacial information by posing as a legitimate company .


Podcast : A digital audio file made avaliable on the internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player 


Aggregator : A website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them.



Digital Life 101

Here are some tips for using passwords .


1. Never give your passwords to anyone.


2. Don't just use one password.


3. Create passwords that are easy to remeber but hard for others to guess.


4. Make the password at least 8 characters long


5. Include numbers, capital letters and symbols.


1. Use proper language 


2. Be precise 


3. Avoid emoticons and "texting" writing 


4. Be explanatory . Justify your opinion . 


5. Read all comments before hitting submit .


1. Use your e-mail wisely .


2. Be careful when using messanging programs . 


3. Shop safely .


4. Watch out for scams. 


5. Pay attention to your online activites.



                         WHAT NOT TO DO


1. Go on inapropiate sites .


2. Say bad words .


3. Don't give your e-mail to strangers .


4. Don't buy things without permission


5. Don't download files that may harm your device .



Protecting yourself online 


Digital piracy : The illegal trade in software, music, videos , and dvds . It also happens 

 when someone steals the original version of something and re-sell it

Digital Piracy

1. Use caution for when you click links .


2. Know what you post about yourself.


3. Don't trust a message from strangers .


4. Do not allow social media to scan your email


5. Be careful who you add as an friend . 


6. Be careful where you use your social media at .



Social Media 


Cyberbullying : The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages  of an intimidating or threatening nature.


Cyberbullying is a very bad thing and has made many kids killed . In order to protect yourself from this what you need to do in order to not get cyberbullied . What you need to do is get yourself a parent or guardian . They can help prevent you from texting any random strangers from hurting your feelings .