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In the Eyes of The Tarsier

By; Reagan Mathis

Dedicated to:

 My Third grade teacher Mrs. Lawrence

In the Eyes of the Tarsier

  By Reagan Mathis

Published on February 6th 2017 in Mrs. Scotts Reading class

Pg.6-Chapter 1 Where it lives

Pg. 8- Chapter2 Size and classiffication 


Pg. 10 Chapter 3 Eating habits


Pg. 12 chapter 4 Adaptions 


Pg. 14 Chapter 5 Description 


Pg. 16 chapter 6 interesting facts


Pg. 18 About the author



Table of Contents

Chapter One-Where is my home?

       Hi there! l am the Tarsier and l live in Southeastern Asia. l am most commonly found on the ilands of Sulwasi Pulau Peleng, and Paula Selajar.

    When l am fully developed l can grow up to 3.3 - 6.3 inches.Did you know that my tail alone is more than twice the size of my body length? I am also a vertabrate. 

Chapter 2 - My Size And Clasification

     I like to eat insects,lizards, and small birds. I eat all parts of the animal including the feet and bones. But my favorite type of insect to eat are dragon flies and grasshoppers. Yum! Yum!

Chapter 3- Eating Habits

     To help me survive I  am noc-turnal and I spend most of my time in trees.l have to rely on my senses to catch my prey.   

Chapter 4- Adaptations

 I have grayish brown fur, big wide eyes, my hands can grip things just like human fingers. I have great eye sight and sense of hearing which helps me tolocate my pray and avoid my predators.

Description of my Apperence

1. Both of my eyes individually bigger and heavier than my brain 

2. l can leap up to a distence of 16.4 feet


3. I am often refered to as the smallest monkey in the world but actually aren't monkeys. 


4. I  have eyes larger than any human or animal on this earth. 


5. I am noc-turnal making me hard for my predators to find me. 


Interesting Fact 

     Reagan is a fith grader at Montana Magnet School and she is 11 years old. Reagan has a twin brother and an older sister. In her spare time she injoys reading writing and playing with her cat Taylor. She has written the books My cat Taylor, Cinderella Retold , and many more.

About the Author