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Final Performance Task in Family Studies

Steps on How To:

               - Make Goals or Dreams Come True

            -  Live a calm and relaxing life

            -  Get along with others

By: Fritz Sarigumba

How To Make Goals and Dreams Come True

The steps to make goals and dreams possible.


Step 1: Be specific about your Dream and Goals

      A person must be very specific abou their dreams and goals to help them more focus on making it happen. One thing that can help you focus on your goal is to write it in your personal notebook or in you dream journal. 

Step 2: Turn your dream into a burning desire

      In order to make your goals come true, a person must to believe that their goals is true and achievable. No matter what trials come on your way, you need to overcome it and trust it really fully that it will be achieved someday.

Step 3: Turn your burning desire into goals

      A person must belive that they will do it and take it to full responsibility.

Step 4: Plan

      Plan on how to make your goal achievable. a person must make startegies or action on their goal.

Step 5: Taking Action Now

       When a person turned their goals or dream into action, they must not make excuses that they cant do it. They need to do it now when it needed, never do it tomorrow.

Step 6: Set Short term goals

       A person must divide their main goal. Make time to accomplish each of the list.

Step 7: Review your progress regularly

       A person must review his goal regularly and check if they are almost achieved.

Step 8: Enjoy the Journey

       A person must not think bad about tiheir life that they think they will only be happy if they achieve their goal. Instead, think positively and live life happy and fully.


The steps on how to live a Calm and Relaxing life.


Step 1: Have few Friends

       A person must get rid of the negative people, instead treasure the positive ones.

Step 2: Smile

       A person must smile whatever they been through. Smilig helps them boost their mood and energy.

Steps 3: Exercise and eat healthy

       Exercising helps maintain you in a good shape and eating the healthy food helps yor body healthy.

Step 4: Make a list

       Grab a journal notebook and write down all your feelings. In this way, your mind will be clear and stress free.

Step 5: Stay organized

       A person is organized at all times, this person may not mixed up everything on time and will not stress out.

Step 6: Listen to Music

       Listening to music can help individual more active and energized.

Step 7: Go for a jog or run

       A person must go for a jog or run everyday to help boost mood.

How to Live a Calm and Relaxing Life

Step 8: Have a Hobby

        Find something hobby to make your stress out your mind and can make you happy.

Step 9: Take breaks

        Take a break if you think your tired, do your thing later it wont run.

Step 10: Breathe

         If you're working on a restaurant and you think you need break and fresh air, go out and take atleast 5 minutes to go out to breath some fresh air.

Step 11: Never beleive you are alone

         If you cant do on your own, ask someone for help. You can do things with a help of others.

Step 12: Be yourself 

         Be yourself no matter what other says because the one that should really care about you is yourself.

Step 13: Spend time with Family

         Talk to your family and be comfortable arounf with them.

Step 14: Stop looking back at the past

         You dont live at your past. Stop wasting the time now. Cheries every moment that you have now.

Step 15: Sleep well

         Get enough sleep. It helps make you feel better in the morning.

Step 16: Be a teen

         LIve life fully, study hard and get along with others.

There are Two Methods on how to get along with others. These are getting alog with anyone, and Having good Manners.

The Method 1 : Getting along with anyone.

Step 1 : Be a good listener

        To start a conversation, it is important to listen to one who talk you with. 

Step 2: Don't try to change people

        You cant change people. Dont ever try to change them, If you dont like them try to arrange things so that  you can still interract with them.

Step 3: Keep your sense of humor

        Try to make the conversation positive. Be the one who people will see you as a positive person.

Step 4: State outright that you want to get along

        Tell them straight that you want to get along with them and that you are trusted.

Step 5: Radiate positively

        Projecting your feelings affects people around you. So try to be postive and dont let your negative emotion seen around the people.

Step 6: Give genuine compliments 

        try to give compliments to people, they love it.

Step 7: Do things for others

         Try to help others when they need help. Showing kidness and care to them is good.


How to get along with others

Method 2: Having Good Manners

Step 1: Good manners and polite demeanor can help you get along with anyone

       When people see you having a polite demeanor and good manner, they will like you.

Step 2: Make eye contact and smile when talking to someone

        Doing this make them think that you are interested on the topic and they will like you.

Step 3: Always smile

        Remeber to smile always

Step 4: Be polite and humble

        People will love you if your polite and humble.

Step 5: Treat others how you wish to be treated

       If u want someone will treat you nicely, treat them nicely too.

Step 6: Never say anything about someone you wouldn't say to them in person

       Never say, its good if you'll just keep it. Gossip may be not rue.

Step 7: Speak in a clear, confident manner

       Be yourself, speak with your heart, be confident.

Step 8: Understand that people make mistakes

       Forgive you friend if they make mistakes. We are humans, we make mistakes.


The steps that i chose are how to make goals and dreams come true, live a calm and relaxing life, and getting along with others. I chose these steps because it can help me and other people too. Some people doesn't know how to be responsible to their dreams and goals and they ended up quitting. On the other hand, most teenagers including me are stressed out of school, work, friends, families and many more that makes them be. Also, people nowadays find a hard time to get along with others. The steps that I did is for the people who are having hard time to make up with their friends. It is hard to find a true nowadays, it takes time to build up trust on each other. You are lucky if u have one. These steps will help you to overcome the problems that you are facing right now and will makes you better at it too.

  I learned a lot throughout this semester. I learned new things that I have never done before like sewing, making pajama shorts, cooking fancy things and how to use a knife PROPERLY.

  I also learned a lot through my research about how to, steps. While I'm doing my research about this thing, it helps and inspires me and I learned on how to do the things that i suck at. That is why i chose this skills because i can relate to it and I know that it can help people who don't know how to do this things