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Nuestros jabones son elaborados con 60% de aceite de oliva y son productos artesanales, hechos completamente a mano por talentosos especialistas.


 Our soaps are made with 60% olive oil and are true artisanal products, completely hand-made by talented craftspeople in Querétaro, México.




We recently worked with Chileno Bay Resorts Los Cabos in creating a unique soap for their Hotel.


Starting with a close communication we were able to determine their needs and expectations, so we could create unique proposals





Working from photographs of their spaces, especially their bathrooms, we were able to determine the color palette for the soaps in order to complement their decor.


All of our colors are created with natural clays and micas.




Chileno Bay Resort already has a range of 15 fragrances selected to create its ambience.


Working from this range, we created a perfect blend of aloe and lemon that creates an environment of relaxing freshness that is ideal to complement the experience of staying at the hotel.


































At Oliva60 we are especialists in the exclusive design and production of artisanal soaps for luxury boutique hotels.

We focus on capturing the essence of each hotel to create unique, high-quality designs.





We created 5 different bespoke options, from which Chileno Bay Resorts selected their own unique design.


This design will never be replicated, or sold in stores.








With the exclusive design selected we created different sizes, ranging from 30 to 100 grams (1 to 3 ½ oz). 


Each of our soaps is cut by hand in order to enhance its aesthetics and artisanal origin.










Every soap is embossed with the Oliva60 brand.


With a label that reads “Designed exclusively for Chileno Bay Resorts Los Cabos by Oliva60”.



The end result is a unique experience for guests, which captures the essence of Chileno Bay Resorts and compliments the ambiance of this beautiful Hotel.


Allow us to design a unique experience for your Hotel!