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Walt Disney was born from Elias Disney which was his dad and his mom was Flora Call. He was one of  the five children Disney and Call had. Walt was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 5th, 1907. In 1911, his family moved to Kansas City and he was with his uncle, Mike Martin learning about train engineering. So Walt Disney had a summer job of delivering newspapers to different places.

Walt Disney made the mickey Mouse series and the Silly Symphonies around 1930. Mickey mouse featured different casts of characters who would do things to make the animation come to life. There was a lot of mood, emotion and musical themes. Flowers and trees won the first Academy award for Disney. That was the best cartoon in 1932. For the rest of the mickey mouse decade, they won Oscars every year.

In 1940, Walt Disney paid !7 million dollars to make the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney world.  THe park opened in 1955 and more than 200 million people were there to see it open. IT had also increased its investment so they put royalty in the park as well as presidents



 Reason I chose

I chose Walt Disney because he made a lot of animations that expressed emotion and feelings of the characters . He has been successful throughout his life creating the idea of Mickey Mouse and his friends. that was his award winning series.