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By Malachi Champion

Teacher; Mrs. Coyle

Ways the U.S. Muddled up Political Affairs To Further Their Own Control

The U.S. annexed Hawaii due to imperialistic views and the fact that King Kalakaua had died meaning there was a space for the U.S. to take them in. Hawaii had already been a big part of the economy by that point so it seemed logical for the U.S. to annex the state. 


The death of the king had raised some political unrest, the U.S. had a lot of money coming from Hawaii  and Hawaii is situated in a good place as a military base because of where it was situated.


Hawaii was annexed and became a U.S state as an outcome.

The Annexation of Hawaii

Annexation of the Philippines

The U.S was given the Philippines by spain, along with a number of other countries. The Philippines were in a good place for an embassy to do business with Asia. The U.S. wanted as much power and space as possible, spreading their belifs into other countries. They also didnt want other countries like Germany or Japan to get to the Philippines and gain them as a territory.


Soon enough, the Philippines fought back against America leading to a very ugly war between the two forcing the U.S. to leave the Philippines. They are now a separate country and they're not even a U.S. territory.

In the Treaty of Paris in 1898 Cuba and Puerto Rico were ceded to the U.S. meaning they were given to them. The U.S. was figuratively bribing Puerto Rico to join them as a state. After the Treaty had been signed and the islands ceded to the U.S. the Spanish-American war ended. 


Yellow Fever:

over 3500 american lives were lost, but over half of those lives lost, were lost to desease not to the hands of men. The U.S. invaded Cuba at the height of the yellow fever season, in June.


Annexation of Cuba and Puerto Rico

After the negotiation of the Hay-Banau-Varilla treaty in 1903, Panama allowed the U.S. a strip of land 10 miles wide to build the panama canal. 11 years after the start of its construction, the Panama Canal was opened on August 15, 1914. 


It allowed ships to safely pass through Panama and Central America, opening a safer, quicker and more reliable route through a landmass that was previously hard or even impossible to cross by ship.

U.S. Involvemner in the contruction of the Panama Canal

The Monroe Doctrine in simplefied terms stated that europe should stay out of western affairs and we would stay out of theirs. While the Roosevelt Corollary stated that if  European countries interfere with Western affairs, The U.S. has the right to extinguish the threat. Spain had violated these contracts so the U.S. intervened against Spain therefore creating whats known as the Spanish-American War

The Monroe Doctrine and The Roosevelt Corollary


Imperialism is the belief that the bigger, stronger countries have the right to subjugate or take control over smaller, weaker countries. This idea lead to what America is today, we spread to the south and to the west. To the north and even to islands like Hawaii. America has come so far and attained the title of a world power within 250 years.  Our motivation is that we'll take on anyone, let anyone in and welcome them (I mean the idea is there)