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Moon Rondeau: Pg 3 (With Annotation)


My Love: Pg 4 (With Annotation)


Passion: Pg 5 (With Annotation) 


Summer Days: Pg 6


From A Boy To A Man: Pg 7



                                                                   My Originals


My Brother: Pg 8


Golden Child: Pg 9


Glittering in the Mud: Pg 10


So quaking under the towers: Pg 11


Totally Peaceful beyond the spirits: Pg 12


We are huge under the wind: Pg 13


SummerTime: Pg 14


Life isn't what you think it is: Pg 15 









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This poem is mainly about two birds and how their love is on another level. The Author of this poem uses context clues like "Brass deep, Deep waters" etc. To descrivbe the type of love level these couples have. The Poem espresses a romantic notion that moon is a symbol of the two love birds. Love is the key word/ Main Idea in the poem "MOON RONDEAU".

Our love is like a precious Gold

The old leafs turned into fresh roses

Through deep waters the gold vanished

Our love is  brass deep within the Earth

From the Moon to the Earth we are solid


Late evening hours

The moon called us

Even strong winds could not stop us

We were deep in love soaked with emotion

Dripping from the deep ocean water  


We are together

No one can separate us

Love is precious




This poem take about how the speaker loves a girl and what he likes about her. In the poem the speaker uses context clues like "Her beauty" to explain to the readers on her he misses her, the apeaker compares are with nature in the first stanza lines 2 "my heart melts for Her 'til the dusk of day". Basially the author has a deep feeling for a girl.


My love for love is so Great-

my heart melts for Her ‘til the dusk of day-

the night cheats when She’s away-

Beats, cleans ‘til day’s dawn-


                    Her beauty is great-                          

wondering mind ‘til Her sees-

Going is all I do-

while waiting for the moment-for Her to say

“I do.



My Love



His passion is so spectacular-

when he hits a shot it's- wet

he goes Place to Place like a traveler-

the shot goes right in the net - when he shoot it

When he hear that sound- he knows that’s the buzzer beater-

He Hear the crowd yelling M-V-P ! M-V-P !

He makes every shot they call me- THE HEATER- 

Wherever he goes They welcome him into the V-I-P !

This poem is about a speaker that talks about his future self and how he has a very "SPECTACULAR" passion for basketball he loves to play basketball, he a very famous person just like he said in lines 3 "he goes Place to Place like a traveler". The speaker wants the reader to know how important basketball was in the boy's life and how it had a great impact in his life. 






Sun beaming, sometimes too hot

Sometimes I feel like a teapot

Skin roasting like a barbeque

There goes the water nice and Blue


Feels like I am living in a light bulb

Days like that make me so delighted

Hot days like that makes me want to go the tub

Splash ! Filled with happiness and excited











Summer Days

From a boy to a man

I realized the truth

I was holding her back

She was a neglected beauty


She wanted support

But I couldn’t help

She wanted happiness

But I wasn’t happy


Deep down I knew the TRUTH

I knew that I wasn’t ready

Ready to grow

Ready to explore- what’s out there


That was my time to be a man

But I didn’t see it as such


From A Boy to A Man

Our current society is filled with racial violence
An innocent can quickly be sent to silence
My brother, yes, he became a victim
Of the society that's filled with racial criticism

His last words were recorded by a witness
Of what we call social injustice
He stated, "I'm sorry for the misconception
But I will represent what's needed, correction"

He was always one to stand up for what was wrong
I looked up to him, he was the definition of strong
His dark skin, yes his melanin
Never defined what he was deep within

His actions have given me hope
To rise up, there's no time to mope
His eyes closed as he represented another failure in social equality
But I know he will be grateful when we find unity


My Brother 

His face is so soft
Like a fluffy pillow
Millions and billions is how much he cost
He sleeps below his armadillo

His smile is as charming as it can be
His beautiful singing can reach Gods ear

He lived like a king

Worshipped day and night

He was like an air spring

His future was meant to be bright 



Golden Child 


 All rabid beside the slime
You taste misty ghosts within the shadows
Whoa! The twilight never ends
Strangely blue among the flock


We grind scary inspirations beyond the ground
Ahhh! The lust is born
I am glittering in the mud
You jump with happy eruptions before the sea


Tighten up your wig! The day is going
unafraid tired 
never meeting 
nothing to lose 


Out of whose dream 
the lover 
ask his way 
while the crowd watched


Glittering in the mud

All brilliant beside the mud
I stone odorous weirdness over the light
Be aware! The twilight is done

Evil and happy under the water

I pull black dreams beside the clouds

Be watchful. The Fool has gone
So quaking under the towers
I summon lustful men beyond the shadows

Be luminous. The insanity is done

unafraid thirsty 
turning away 
sun on his face 

In how many places 
our neighbour 
ask his way 
in the late light 


So quaking under the towers 

I am brilliant over the light
We seduce red vampires over the sky
Awake! The heat was hard
Quite vaporous on the sea
We extort tiny feet beyond the earth
Be wary! The sin is fleeing
Totally peaceful beyond the spirits
I lick electric monsters beyond the mud
Heavy! The lust keeps going
backlit awake 
turning away 
all his wounds in front 
In whose heart 
the sailor 
lose his way 
where he knew no-one


Totally peaceful beyond the spirits 

So beautiful under the flock
I find quiet snares behind the dreamscape
The King is dying

All rabid above the wind


We swallow flying witches beside the gods
The vision is good
We are huge under the wind
We enjoy huge men beneath the water


Repent! The life has vanished
shadowed unseeing 
lost in broad daylight 
the next life waiting 


In whose arms 
the traveler 
go without luggage 
unable to stop


We are huge under the wind 


Yet there's beauty within the Junes and the hours.
To see, we made. To drive, we forgot.
As the beachs are, the times wrote transparently.
Why did the firefly reveal it, to find the lethargy?
Behold! insomnia, the stormy heat.
Behold! lightning, the paired love.
Insomnia is a calloused jewel under sleep and lightning.
All the mosquitos write luminous, so shine the partys.
Sleep, heat, and ever beauty.
Only the beer glows as a full night.
Where was the sunny sleep then?






Heat is a monstrous predator on beauty and magnitude.
Yet there's prey on the hungers and the suns.
What is the green extinction to brightly smell the eye?
Alas! nature, the flying nature.
How does the breeze not linger?
Whoosh! We ate the talon and the nature, why not linger?
Reptiles mimicked the pterosaur about the flying extinction, brightly but ominously.
Yet there's beauty above the extinctions and the suns.
Ay predators...
Brightly, brightly, suddenly.



Life isn't what you think it is