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Taking Animation

Whole New Level

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  • Do you have a favorite cartoon character ?  All around the world, most people know characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and SHerk. 

But do you Know how they were made ? These characters were created by artists and then brought to life with the process of animation.

  • It requires thousand of drawings to make just a few minutes of animation.
  • Traditional animation uses drawings or photo images.It is a very long and difficult process. 

  • When all of these frames are shown one after the other, the characters seem to come alive, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck were designed using the traditional animation process.

  • Artists draw a series of pictures on clear plastic flim, and they change each frame slightly to create motion. 

  • Toy Story, the first full-length cumputer animation, was made in 1995. Since then, filmmakers have begun to rely on cumputers.
  • Thanks to the invention of computers, these characters are now drawn using computer animation. 

  • Computers have allowed them to take animation to a whole new level. Computers enabled artists to make thousand of images faster than before. They can create more realistic characters, items, and backgrounds than they could with hand drawings.
  • Animation has come a long way since its beginning. Once, it was thought to simply be silly entretainmet for young children. But the realistic new movies being made with computer animation now appcal to people of all ages.