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Each month, you and your family will be introduced to a new art project!

Roey and other artists will take you step by step through a painting, drawing or other project that will keep you inspired and keep you creating!


To become a member of the Roey's Paintbox Art Club, email Roey at


Membership includes:


*A monthly video booklet, exclusive to members only

*Discounted prices at Roey's Studio on the ArtsWalk in Allentown


*Plus...Art surprises sent to your mailbox throughout the year!


Cost of membership is just $10 to join/plus a monthly fee of $5.

You can cancel at anytime.




Join the Roey's Paintbox ART CLUB TODAY! Give the gift of art and creativity this season!




Email Roey at to become a member of the Roey's Paintbox Art Club in 2017! Get inspired this year!