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Harry Potter And The      Sorcerer's Stone

By: J. K. rowling 


   Harry      Ron             Hermione   Malfoy   Dumbledoor Snape   Mcgonagall  Hagrid               Quirrell   and             Lord Voldemort 

Harry is the main charecter in this story.


Ron and hermione are is new friends.


Malfoy is the evil little kid.


Dumbledoor, Snape, Mcgonagall, Hagrid, and Quirrel are teachers.


Quirrel is helpping Lord Voldemort to get to Harry.



Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry



If it were not for love shown by Harry's mother Lily, Harry would have been killed right away as a toddler.



This is shown with the understanding that Harry was completly isolated before Hogwarts. His newfound friendships help him face the many challenges given to them.



This is mainly shown by Harry and Voldemort. The power they have is against each other.



A very strange fact is shown about this by the author saying death is not something to fear, but just part of life.





 This story is about a boy named Harry Potter who, on his eleventh birthday, found out he is an orphaned son of two powerful wizards. He too posessed these magical powers. He is summond from his aweful life to become a student at Hogwarts, a bording school for wizards. While he is there he finds a few close friends who then become his closest allies. they all work together to find the truth of his parents' mysterious death's .


    S  lytherin



Point of view

 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is told in a third person omniscient point of view. Harry's feelings and expiriences are those that are shown to us in this story. The actions portrayed by the other characters in this story are for the reader to decide. 

my  personal viewpiont

I very much so like this story because although I feel this is the twelfth time I've read this story I have never done my own review. I also like the story because, it is simple to understand and easy to relate to. "To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."(p.76) I learned that death is nothing to be afraid of. If I were to rate this book with stars I would give it an eight out of ten the only reason for this is because I have read the book before the movie was ever made and I feel the book is way better than the movie. " I can't teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death."(p.200) No matter what, keep fighting.