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Help regulate all chemical processes in body 

13 different vitamins known to be required each day for good health 

divided into 2 groups: fat solubles ad water solubles

provide substance needed for growth and healthy skin

enhance taste and texture of food

require to carry out "far soluble" vitamins throughout body 

provide energy


Unsaturated fats

Saturated fat

Liquid at room temperature

Solid at room temperature


Fat like substance part of every cell of body

Provides energy 

helps build and maintain and repair body tissue


Plant material that doesn't break down when you digest food 

Aids in digestion

may produce in developing some disease :heart disease, diabetes,and obesity, and certain types of cancer 

helps promote regularity 


main source of energy 

provides body's needs for dietary fiber


excellent source of fuel for body 

rich in vitamins,minerals, and fiber

Complex Carbs

Body depends on minerals for practically every process necessary for life

minerals actually become apart of our life

body requires 16 minerals daily 


Have a reputation because they are high in calories and low in nutritional value 

Simple carbs

Function: carries nutrients to cells and carries waste from body, regulates body temperature, dissolves vitamins, minerals, ,amino acids, and other nutrients, lubricates joints