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Florida is a place of many wonders. It is the second most tropical planet in the USA. Next to Hawaii of course.  Over   1000 people go each summer to Florida Just to go to theme parks! There a lot of theme parks such as Disneyland, Universal,  Busch  Gardens and Discovery Cove. Well those are Just the ones I can name,But trust me they are SUPER fun.


                              By: Samantha Bedell 

Florida was first found by a man named Juan Ponce De Leon who claimed it for the Spanish, But after the revolutionary war Spain and the   USA decided that the USA should get Florida. 

              Fun Facts!

  1. Florida in Spain means flowery
  2. The largest region in Florida is Jacksonville
  3.  Florida has a national park that is mostly swap
  4. Florida was once ruled by the British 
  5. Florida Is home to the Kennedy space center