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Drought Relief Service


The D.R.S Bought cattle from countries where a drought was happening so that they wouldn't die from starvation

The purpose for the D.R.S is to keep droughts from beginning or getting worse, also if there is a drought they will do things to prevent it from getting worse.

Drought Relief Service 

 My program was created in 1935 in response to the dust bowl and is still a program today for whenever droughts happen.

 Jacob Cheeks

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Drought Relief Service Description 

       My brochure is about the Drought Relief Service.  The Drought Relief Service was created in 1935 during the Great Depression because of the horrible event that happened which was the dust bowl.  The dust bowl happened because of the drought that was happening in Texas and states near it.  The dust bowl was basically a huge dust storm that affected a lot of the states in the U.S. So because of it we created the Federal Agency which is The Drought Relief Service.  The Federal service was created to keep everything and everyone in check whenever there is a drought and they try to prevent droughts also.  They do lots of things when a drought is occurring too, for example, they purchased cattle that were at risk of starvation during the drought in 1935. It was an overall great idea to create this Federal Agency and without it I feel that we would be in more trouble.

Unemployment Rate

  Once the Drought Relief Service was created the unemployment rate decreased because more jobs were opened up.


  Increased by about 6.7% by the time the drought was over.

Government Spending

  The Government spent 111 million dollars on funding for the Drought Relief Service.

Drought Relief Service Effects On Economy 

Confidence Building

 The D.R.S built lots of people's confidence. Since it was created people have been less worried about another huge disaster like the dust storm happening

 Role Of Government

  The Federal Agency would take orders from the government and do what it needed to keep the U.S from getting droughts and they would also keep the droughts from getting worse.