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"Increase Employment"

Public Works Admin



The PWA was made to decrease the unemployment rate.

Devin Chaney



Public Works was meant to provide employment, stabilizing and purchasing power, improving public welfare, and contributing to a revival of American industry. The PWA spent several billion dollars to try and increase the employment rate.


The PWA was ended in the 1940 and it has not come back. The government today is still trying to do what the PWA has done, and they are doing some of the projects they did.

1.) He grew up in New York and was an only child.

2.) FDR and Theodore Roosevelt were 5th cousins.

3.) He was related to his own wife.

4.) He had trouble at school, so he learned at home.

5.)When he was in college, he was the editor of the newspaper.

6.) He was an assistant secretary of the navy during WW1.

7.) In 1920, he ran for vice president.

8.) In 1928, he was the governor of New York.

9.) FDR had polio in 1921

10.) Later on, FDR was trying to put in an end to polio.

Unemployment Rate: Decrease

Government Spending: Increase

GDP: Increase

Confidence Building: Increase

Role of Government: Increase