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Multimedia Presention by: Gianna Sarallo, Maddie Nichol, Hannah Chiero, & Katie Collin


Reports: positive and negative affects of technology usage, Pope Francis' less traditional stance, and same sex parenting

Addictive Behaviors


Cell phone addiction may seem like a small issue. However, cell phone addiction is very dangerous and can lead to things such as texting and driving, always wanting to see what your friends are up to, and feeling left out. If you are obsessing over staying connected all the time, there is a high possibililty you are addicted to technology.







Have you ever wondered why it’s hard for you to do public speaking or talk to an adult face to face? If this has happened to you it is most likely an effect of overuse of your cell phone and social media. When people become so involved in communicating behind ascreen, it hinders their ablility to speack face to face with people.




Mental and Physical Health


Being addictive to cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices can affect both your mental and physical health.  Depending on the amount of time that you are spending on these electronics on a day to day basis, you can develop mental and physical problems. For mental health, some examples of problems are: sleep disturbances or deprivation, depression, stress, and anxiety. Some examples for physical health problems include: eye strain, neck problems, back ache/pain, and increased illnesses. These are just a few of some of the health problems you can develop and end up having. People don't always think these are serious, but the more amount of time you spend with technology, these health problems can grow worse.

Is Pope Francis

Changing Church Teaching?

Pope Francis is not changing church teaching, but he has been criticized for straying from tradition. However, he's created a more positive view of the Catholic Church because of his humility, he is inclusive, and society responds well to how Pope Francis lives.

Pope Francis has very different approaches to social issues, especially compared to his predecessors. People have responded both positively and negatively to the way Pope Francis goes about things. Most people recognize and admire how humble he is. Pope Francis refuses to live in the papal palace, wear fancy vestments, and be driven around in an expensive car. People also like how Pope Francis upholds the life and dignity of everyone. While Pope Francis has done some great things  to help the church, more traditional followers of the faith see Pope Francis is straying from tradition. These people may not like when Pope Francis washed the feet of Muslim immigrants on Holy Thursday, instead of him traditionally washing the feet of Vatican Officials and Bishops. These traditionalist don’t see that Pope Francis was trying to act Christ-like and care for the least of these. All things considered, while Pope Francis has strayed from tradition, he has created an image for himself of being generous, humble, and inclusive.

Same Sex Parenting