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This is the flag of Colombia.


The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, it was built underground.

This is Bogotá.

This is Colombia's flag.

Colombia's government is a democracy. There is a president of Colombia in which is elected by direct popular vote while in the US the president is elected from electoral vote.

Basic Info

The middle of Colombia in longitude and latitude is 5N 73W.

In 2017 the overall population of Colombia is 49,067,981 people.

The are of Colombia is 440,800 mi² or 1.142 million km².

The capital city of Colombia is Bogotá.


Pico Cristóbal Colón is the highest mountain in Colombia.

The Cordillera Oriental is the widest of the 3 branches of the Colombian Andes mountain range.

The Andes mountain range is the longest mountain range in the world.

In Colombia the climate throughout the country is similar due to how close it is to the equator.

In the Pacific region of Colombia the climate is humid and the region has one of the heaviest rainfall climates in the world!


<Very Similar>

In the Colombian Amazon region the climate has high rainfalls and high humidity levels.

(Part of it's on the equator).

Castillo San Felipe is a fort in Cartagena. It used to have many slaves working inside with great treasures too.

Artificial Landmarks

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, was built underground in a salt mine, it is one of Colombia's most famous landmarks.

Botero Plaza is a park located in Medellín. It holds statues made by artists at the Museum of Antioquia.


In 1995 there were estimate to be 3.1 billion barrels of petroleum in Colombia.


The main supply of emeralds in Colombia is at the eastern portion of the Andes mountains.


The largest coal mines in Colombia are located in the northern region of Colombia.

Natural Resources


Colombia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world.


Cement production in Colombia has risen during mid-2016.


Since the second half of 2015, clothing and footwear has began to slowly rise in Colombia.



Colombia is the 3rd largest exporter of bananas worldwide. Just behind Ecuador and Costa Rica. 


Colombia is the 4th largest rice producer in the western hemisphere (THE U.S.A. IS BEATING COLOMBIA IN RICE AGRICULTURE, WOOHOO).


Colombia is ranked 13th largest sugar producer in the world.



Colombia's official language spoken is Spanish.


Arepa is a popular food in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. Other cultural foods from Colombia include, Ajiaco, Sancocho, Lechona, Cuchoco, etc.


Catholic is the most popular religion in Colombia.