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This is all about a Baltimore Oriole that takes children on a non fiction adventure.

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The Life Of A Baltimore Oriole

By Tyler Hale


                A Baltimore oriole flies from branch to branch in Maryland. The Oriole lives in Maryland and all of the Eastern United States in the summer.

And in the Southeastern United states in winter.



                The Oriole flew by an orange hanging from a branch and quickly turns around ready to eat.

The Oriole eats nectar, jelly, orange, and meal worms. It is an Omnivore.

After eating he flew across the river into the sun with his orange hair shining.


An Oriole has bright orange hair on its belly and black and white feathers on its back.

Its head is mostly black with a white beak.

The Baltimore Oriole settled on a branch to sing his beautiful song. The Oriole has a clear flute -like whistle.


The whistle is a rich sweet noise it also consists of paired notes repeated 2-7 times for 1-2 seconds.

As the Oriole flies back to its nest and settles in to lay some eggs.


The Oriole lays 4-5 eggs, they are a bluish white color, and it takes about 12-14 days to hatch.

They weigh about 1.2 oz and are 7 to 8.25 inches tall. They are no where close to extingtion.

As the day comes to the end the Oriole settles down for a nap and so do we.


He snuggles up in his nest and relizes that it is...


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