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A collection of adventurous, humorous, and romantic short stories written by the sixth grade class of Incarnation Catholic School.

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I have a sister named Jennifer. She is older than I am. I’m only ten and she is fifteen. Jennifer is well-liked at school. She has many friends. Jennifer is on the high school soccer team and she’s really good at it! Last Saturday she scored three goals! Just because she’s older, doesn’t mean we’re not close. In fact, she is really nice to me. They call her every night and they talk for hours! I can hear her laugh when she thinks they’re funny and whisper when she doesn’t want me to hear what she is saying. Sometimes she takes me to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone. We talk. She asks me about school and tells me to work hard so I can grow up to be a good student like she is. I feel lucky to have Jennifer for a big sister! Sometimes when she does this, she opens the door to see if I’m listening to her. When this happens, she gets mad and yells at me. It hurts my feelings, but Mom says she still loves me and that I’ll be the same when I’m her age. But I won’t be like that. I love Jennifer and I’ll never treat her like that. Everyone screamed because they won the championship game that made them win first place. Mom said that’s why she got a scholarship for college. I’m supposed to be proud of her, but I’m also sad that she’s going away to college. I’m going to miss her more than T.V. She’s my best friend.

Roses for Rosie

By Avery Underdahl