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By Sam M, and Tanner A, Nick G, and Nick G

Will the Worm Makes a Pot. 


Will the Worm wants to make a pot as a home.

Will cuts out and weighs 3 pounds of earthenware clay

Will decides to make his pot out of Earthenware clay. Wedging is the process of repeatedly pressing your palms down on the clay. wedging the clay removes air bubbles within the clay. If he does not wedge his clay the air bubbles will cause his pot to EXPLODE!

Will's pot could be functional or decorative. because he will use it daily it will be functional.

Will could make his pot out of slabs or coils. He choses coils. He could also make his coils horizontal, verticle, or spiral. He Choses horizontal coils.

Will starts off his pot by making a slab. The slab will be the base of his pot and he will stack his coils on top of it.

Will uses the score, slip, knit method to stick the coils to the slab. The score, slip, knit methos involves scoring or cutting the clay along the area where you will place a coil. Next, very wet clay called slip is used as glue to stick the two pieces together. Finally, a 4 modeling spatula or liner is used to knit the two pieces together. This keeps the slab and coils secure.

Will used all of these tools while he was making his pot. For cutting out his clay he used a wire clay cutter. For cutting out slabs he used the fettling knife. for scoring his clat he used a fork. For all of his detail and smoothing work he used a modeling liner, a modeling modeler, a modeling spatula, a double ball stylus tool, a needle tool, a wireloop sgrafitto tool, a large double-tipped wipe away tool, and a fine point wipe away tool.

When Will is done with his pot he will put it in a kiln. The kiln fires the clay at 1940 degrees fahrenheit until it is hard. the clay is called bisqueware after it comes out.

Will can now glaze his pot. Since it will just be a normal home he decides to paint is gray. Will will now paint all of his pot except for the bottom of it. If he paints to bottom it will stick to the kiln and be ruined. When he is done he will put it back into the kiln. The kiln will fire it at 1915 degrees fahrenheit.