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Heart Attack Scare

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Chef Jennifer Schock

1st Period


Tongue Soup: I grab a zombie bat and take it's blood and then squeeze it's blood out , grab some leftover tongues and throw in some bits of cob webs. It tastes like slimy slugs stuffed in cheese sticks. $8.05  

Brain Salad: Eye ball croutons, flesh veggies, brain bits, cob webs for sauce. It taste like crunchy pizza with a dash of cinnamon. $6.75


skeleton Bat Wings: I added some crunchy skeleton bones, with slippery bat wings. It tastes like crunchy gum with paper in it. $15.85

Hot Finger Bat Wings: I got some hot werewolf blood, dipped with witches nasty fingers, with some slippery bat wings. It tastes like hot buffalo wings with some crunch. $16.99


Hot Snail Slime Brain Grew: I got some snails and collected their slime, put a splash of brain grew. It tastes like a hot fudge sundae, but slimy. $3.64

Scary Heart Skeleton Teeth: I put a live heart and stuck in skeleton teeth in it. It tastes like Oreo cookies. $4.99


Sparkly Werewolf Blood: I put in some hot sizzling werewolf blood. It tastes like a hot coca cola. $7.85