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Fight against gender discrimination

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Homework #11

NAME: Lizbeth Suarez


DATE:Monday, january 30th,2017

Campaign  discrimination


The discrimination is a action to treat an individual or group of people Illegally or unfavorably for race, sex, disability, age, religion, nacionality,etc.

Discrimination against any person is a violation of human rights in which the individual who discriminate have a distorted view of the essence of man and attribute to themselves characteristics or virtues that place them one step higher than certain groups.


Discrimination from the social point of view, is one of the greatest evils of contemporary society, because it aims to segregate, to differentiate, to divide people or groups of people from the point of view of racial, economic, social, etc. . It sacrifices criteria of social unity, human fraternity and brotherhood among men and constitutes the focus of divisions, wars and all kinds of confrontations that can only lead to divide and destroy humanity.



The most frequent types of discrimination are:

Racial discrimination: When a person, or human group, is treated as inferior because of their belonging to a particular race or ethnicity. This has happened historically with the American Indians, the Jews, the gypsies, the blacks, etc.

Religious discrimination: Occurs when a person, or group of people, receives unfavorable treatment for not practicing the majority religious belief of the society in which he lives or for not professing any belief.

Sexual discrimination:Has occurred throughout history because men were considered to be superior to women, so that they were relegated to the domestic sphere, as they were thought to lack the intellectual capacity or physical strength sufficient for work.

Discrimination by disability: It manifests itself when a person is despised or undervalued for suffering some type of disability, either physical or mental.


 We fight against discrimination we all have our own rights, which must be respected, so that these problems must disappear so that everyone is considered in an egalitarian way.