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The northern forest is a wonderful place  for you  to explore its huge


The northern forest


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Hey do like nature and exploring? Well the Northern Forest is the perfect place for you. The Northern Forest is  known for its beautiful scenery and vast outdoor opportunities. It also has many exotic animals like the canadian lynx, the black bear, moose, owls and more. The northern forest does has some problems such as  deforestation and acid rain. In this book I will tell you all about The Northern Forest, including its problems, the animals, its sceenery and more.








The Northern Forest is a great place to see exotic animals.  Some of them are even endangered and live on a nature reserve. For example in an article I read, it said that the Canadian Lynx is almost extinct  and there are only 65 left in the world. The Northern Forest is also home to other animals like the black bear, the canadian owl and moose.  This is why the Northern Forest is a good place to come and see many different types of exotic animals in their natural habitat.


The Northern Forest is great but there are also some problems. Deforestation disturbs the balance of the forest and makes it less exciting. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees. The loud sounds from the machines and the trees falling scare the exotic animals and make them run from their habitat. They also use dynamite which results in there being dead animals in that area. One more problem affecting the Northern Forest is pollution. People dump waste in the water that should not be there. For example people dump toxic waste,like harmful chemicals in the water that kills the species living in the water. All those cons however, do not outway the great things about the Northern Forest.


 The Northern Forest is well known for its beautiful scenery. The Nothern Forest consists of the boreal forest and the hard wood forest. Did you know that these forests have trees that produce useful materials like oak, sugar, mable,and beech nuts. The Northern Forest is the water and springs the springs are the temputure to go in on a hot day and on a cold the northern forest also has lots to do the northern forest never run out on things to do from climbing trees to finding ecosystems to swimming the northern never run out of fun.

These reason like animals scenery problems vast opportunities it's revisit ability and more these are the reason you should come and explore the northern forest.