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Meet Mina 

A Letter to Chris

I remember when I first saw you. I was 18 years old, a freshman in college. You were sitting there across the room listening to the instructor speak and all I could see was your profile. 

It was one handsome profile. 

I didn't get to talk to you that day. It took a few weeks for me to find you again actually, but something in me knew that I needed to know you. I remember confiding in friends. Would you be nice? Would you be driven? Would you be interested? There were so many questions I wanted to answer. Of course, you know, the answer to all those questions was yes. You're my best friend

and the best person for me. You've given me something real, something difficult, something worth fighting for. 


I love you. 



A Letter to My Readers 

A Letter to My Readers


Every once in a while (or for those hopeless romantics, many times in a while), we find someone who brings us such joy that we want it to last forever. Now, of course, that isn't reality. As love matures and grows, and as time passes, we feel times of sorrow, longing for the past, and even downright irritation. We aren't always joyful. But somehow, even in the midst of less than happy feelings, that person is still ours, and we still love them. 

As relationships mature, changes happen. Maybe we bring a child into the world. Maybe we adopt. Maybe we become proud political activists. Maybe we start new careers. Through all the hustle and bustle, we may forget to observe the now and to solidify the memories of our youth and love in our minds. 

The good news is there is a solution to that. Hi, my name is Mina Hutchsion, and I am here to capture your love. Specializing in couple photography, I offer print and digital products that can be passed down generations. I guide couples into natural poses that make their love evident. I thrill in using natural light to create images that matter. 

Whether it be an engagement, a pregnancy, an elopement, an anniversary (no matter how many have gone by), I am here to capture the feelings that make you willing to live life together through the good times and the bad times.

Your love deserves to be captured.