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Once in the 15th century there lived a man named Hiawatha. One day Hiawatha woke up upon a hillside and saw his village in flames. He rushed down to the village to see if there were any survivors.

He searched tree to tree trying to find his wife and his children. He searched for a long time but didn’t find his family. He sat down by the riverbank filed with loneliness.

A few minutes later Hiawatha saw a boat of white stone wondering who it was. He saw the boat hit land and somebody got out of it. The man who came out of the boat had white clothing and a white face. Hiawatha thought to himself “Could it be the Peacemaker?”

The mysterious man said in unclear sentences “H-hello I am-m th-the Peacemaker.”

Hiawatha was amazed. He wondered “Why would the Peacemaker come to me?” The Peacemaker said he wanted Hiawatha to travel to the five nations with him and convince the nations to go up against Tadodaho. Hiawatha agreed to travel with the peacemaker, and they floated away on the peacemaker's boat

When Hiawatha and the Peacemaker arrived at the Mohawk tribe, they talked about uniting the nations and going up against Tadodaho, but the Chief said going up against Tadodaho would be too dangerous.


Hiawatha and the Peacemaker arrived at the Cayuga tribe at about dawn. When they entered the area, the Cayuga Chief asked why they were there, and Hiawatha said they wanted to go up against Tadodaho and stop him from doing bad stuff to innocent people.

The Cayuga Chief made some herbal tea, and they talked and talked and talked. finally, the Chief said, " sure we will join you guys because this sounds like a good idea." Now Hiawatha and the Peacemaker have one tribe with them.

Next Hiawatha and the Peacemaker have to go to the Oneida.

Next Hiawatha and the Peacemaker have to go to the Seneca tribe. When they arrived at the Seneca tribe, they went straight to the Chief. Hiawatha and the Peacemaker talked to the Chief about uniting the tribes and go up against Tadodaho and stop him from doing evil stuff.


The Chief said "hmm, hmm, i’m thinking, sure we will join you guys.”

The Peacemaker said “good, now we have two tribes with us.”

Next on the list for Hiawatha and the Peacemaker is the Onondaga.

When they arrived they went searching for the Chief. Finally they found the Chief praying in a giant tipi.


Hiawatha wanted to interrupt the Chief but the Peacemaker said “you should never stop someone from praying.” They waited for about five minutes and then the Chief finished. The peacemaker started telling the Chief about uniting the tribes and going up against Tadodaho and his evil.

The Chief thought, and thought, and thought, and finally he said “I would really like to join you guys, and i will.” Hiawatha said to himself “good, now we have three tribes with us.”

As they headed to the Onondaga they saw the one and only Tadodaho. He was a horrifying sight. He was almost covered with scales and snakes.

Hiawatha was ready for a loud roar to come out of his mouth but no words came out of his mouth just a long forked tongue that made a loud hisssss. Hiawatha, the peacemaker and the Chiefs were not welcome but they fought until they were welcome.

Once they were welcome they saw Tadodaho but Tadodaho didn’t look so happy to see the everyone. He asked them what they were doing there. The Peacemaker said they wanted Tadodaho to stop doing evil deeds for no reason.

The Peacemaker told Hiawatha to make some herbal tea for Tadodaho and everyone else. Hiawatha started to gather herbs for the tea and then he thought to himself “why would i make special tea for a man who burnt my home? How could i forgive him?” After thinking for a while Hiawatha decided to make the tea because everybody deserves a second chance.

After Hiawatha finished making tea he gave it to the Peacemaker, the Chiefs, Tadodaho and himself. The Peacemaker told Tadodaho that him and Hiawatha would be staying there for the night. After hearing that Hiawatha was very surprised.

The next day Hiawatha and the Peacemaker went to Tadodaho and saw that Tadodaho looked less “evil” and looked more “good”. The Peacemaker put his hand on Tadodaho and the Peacemaker started singing and the scales got smaller and smaller until they disappeared and the snakes started floating into the sky.


The Peacemaker walked to a giant rock and he spoke “ we will carve this rock into a giant aspen tree.” and so for about five hours everybody was busy carving and chipping at the giant rock.

When the sculpture was finished everybody was exhausted but the sculpture looked pretty real. The Peacemaker said “ we will call this tree the tree of connection. This tree shows that all these nations are connected just like an aspen forest.”

Tadodaho had regained his voice and he said “ I am sorry Hiawatha for giving you so much pain. I am very sorry.” And Hiawatha said “thank you and I hope you have learned your lesson.” Tadodaho nodded and said “ I have learned a good lesson.”

The Peacemaker said “ Tadodaho would you like to be the guardian of the connection between all the nations” Tadodaho said “ yes, I would be greatfull” and the Peacemaker let out a loud scream and before you know it Tadodaho became the very yellow leaves of the rock aspen.”The end.