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By: Alice and Jillian


 Tissue Paper- is normally used for fiestas. They use this to decorate bowls,walls, flags and more.


Mexican Invitations- They used these for special occasions and fiestas. They decorate them with paper fringe also known as FLECOS DE PAPEL.


Ribbon Lanterns-  This can be used for lighting and decorations for fiestas. This will brighten up the fiesta.


 Cinco De Mayo Place Mat-  You can cut designs in them. If you want to avoid staining them or getting them wet, put them under a clear table cloth to see them.


 Punched Tin Napkin Rings- They use them to tie together the theme of the party and the table setting. The punch has cool and simple designs in a thin disposable alumium tray to make rings go on the napkins.



















































































































































































































































































































  Mexican Decorations

Day of the Dead- This is also kn0wn as DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. This is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico. They usually dress up in costumes and face paint. They have this holiday to remember family members who have died.


Christmas(Navidad)- This is usually celebrated from December 12th to January 6th. On Christmas Eve, children usually perform Posada. "Posada" means Inn or Lodging.


New Year's- This is celebrated on January 1st. New Years is a official Mexican holiday. On midnight, they usually shoot fireworks for everyone to see.


Cinco de Mayo- This is a Mexican holiday that represents the Mexican victory over the French army in 1862. This is celebrated on May 5th.

Days of Celebrations


Christmas food- Tamales can are common for Christmas.

These can be replaced for turkey or ham.Salads(Ensalada de Noche Buena)  can be eaten on  Christmas morning. The salads are usually lettuce and beets but, it can contain other ingredients. Bacalao (dried salted codfish) shows up in Mexico when Christmas starts approaching.

 Foods of the Seasons