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The Articles of Confederation was ratifide on March 1, 1781. This government only had one branch and it was congress, who had the power to start war, sign treaties, appoint military officeres, and to manage relations with the indians.


Ratify- To confirm

Treaties- a signed agreement

Appoint- to order





The Articles of Confederation is known to be the first written Constitution but was later replaced by the current U.S. Constitution.

The Articles of Confederation was replaced by the current U.S. Constitution on March 4, 1789 in order to make a stronger Federal Government.


The government has three branches:

The Executive Branch is the president.


The Judicial Branch is the The Court System.

The legislative Branch is Law.


The Constitutional government had some certain powers theya could use. These include: Regulating commerce with foreign nations, Ability to declare war, Collecting taxes and pay debts, to establish post offices, Make laws which shall be necessary and proper, As well as raising an army and navy while maintaining it.