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  1. I.                    UNIFORMS AND PERSONAL HYGIENE
  • Sando/Sleeveless, Shorts, Slippers (unless raining) isnot allowed when entering the store for duty.
  • Prior to duty, Company Uniform is not allowed to be worn.

 (Excluding the Manager)

  • Wearing ICHIBA uniform while on break is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • All employees must clock in fifteen (15) minutes before his scheduled time. It is expected that all employees are ready for work and in complete uniform before they clock in.
  • All employees should ALWAYS be in their complete uniform before punching in for their respective shift. Accessories should be minimized.
  • To specify further with uniforms:

FOH – Male

-          Wear hair wax or gel

-          No facial hair- moustache or beard

-          Wristwatch ( steel or resin belted only)

-          Wear belt if pants are with “sintureras”

-          Prescribed socks with clean and presentable black or rubber shoes (SB)

-          Long sideburns not allowed

-          3click pens, notepad and nameplate


FOH – Female

-          Light make up required

-          If with long hair ( bun or ponytail with hairnet)

-          Nail polish not allowed (even colorless)

-          Wristwatch , belt , socks and prescribed shoes same as male

-          3click pens, notepad and nameplate

BOH – Male or Female

-          No facial hair- moustache or beard

-          Long sideburns not allowed

-          Prescribed socks with clean, closed heel and no holes black shoes / splashers

-          No jewelries or any type of accessories( loom band, baller id, necklace)

-          White undershirt only ( colored not allowed)

-          Hairnets required

-          Nail polish not allowed (even colorless)

  1. I.                    STORE ASSETS
  • Checking of Bag Before leaving the store ( Guard or MOD)
  • Store wares and utensils are not allowed for staff use.

Ex. (spoon, fork, plates etc.)

  • Cooking or heating of personal food in the store is not allowed. Except General Meeting food.
  • Mobile phone usage during duty is not allowed, unless you are the station incharge. Except on emergency cases --seek manager approval.

Left belongings of customers for surrendering to MOD as always.

  1. I.                    OPERATION
  • FOH/ Dining staff are not allowed to carry money in their apron/pocket.
  • Overstaying is not allowed.  30 minutes before and after DUTY only is acceptable.
  • Leaving of personal belongings like shoes, clothes, bag, gadget, food/beverage after store operation (inside chiller except water) is not allowed.
  • Complete uniform required prior to reporting for duty. Incomplete uniform is NO TIP for the day. – If OM witnesses a TM violation while on duty – MOD also NO TIP for the day.DA also for processing.
  • All are required to attend in General Meetings/Emergency Meetings. It is an OFFICIAL COMPANY MEETING
  • No personal TIP.TIP is centralized in all stores.
  • All are required to time in 10 minutes prior to duty for station familiarization prior to deployment.
  • For EMERGENCY CASES,Lates and absences should coordinated with the managers 2 or 3 hours before duty. If you are unable to report for duty for a particular shift --- LOOK FOR SOMEONE TO ASSUME YOUR SHIFT ( SWAP SCHEDULES WITH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FROM BOTH PARTIES AND THE MOD)
  • Pants should be no pocket, Pockets should be sewed.
  • Charging of CP is prohibited. If in case of emergency, seek for manager’s approval first.
  • When on break, break tag and jacket should be worn.
  • Team members are not allowed to stay in waiting areas or store frontage while on break.
  • Wear facemask (mascare) when preparing or cooking food (bar and kitchen)
  • No smoking near Store Premises.
  • Left personal things will be THROWN AWAY at closing shift (shoes, shirts, etc.) – THIS ENCOURAGES SD’s (Pests)
  • Tip Advance is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Php 500 Birthday tip is applied to all operations employees ( TM to mgrs)
  • For LOSS of loved ones – Store has the discretion of how much to donate



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