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The hilarious vocabulary rhyming game! A party game that is entertaining and educational at the same time.

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Calloway Creative Inc. has developed a one-of-a-kind, fun, educational and addictive social gaming product that offers a new spin to learning English vocabulary called Rhyme Antics. 


Rhyme Antics unique design combines socially interactive game play with a mobile app for a fully engaged experience. 


“Our Mission is to leverage the power of music & social gaming to improve literacy”. - Calloway Creative Inc.


Rhyme Antics is a hilarious rhyming vocabulary game inspired by hip hop, that uses difficulty levels of rhyming English vocabulary words, homophones and music to develop each player’s fluid intelligence. Players use many cognitive skills including : language, attention, memory, focus and speed as a source of excitement. Rhyme Antics is fun for all ages 12 and up and is played by two teams of 2-12 players.

How To Play:

1. Divide into 2 teams 


2. Choose a scorekeeper (score board & pen are  in hand)


3. Then teams select a difficulty rhyme level:

easy, intel or intellectual.


4. Players then choose a music beat instrumental  from the Rhyme Antics app.


5. Players quickly state a verse ending with a word that rhymes with the underlined word on the playing card. Teams score points by guessing the official rhyme words, bonus words and homophones listed on the back of the playing card.

Rhyme Antics is in true essences an innovative social gaming product. Its many educational benefits are hidden behind it’s entertaining agenda. This product includes more than 2000 English vocabulary words including 400 SAT words and 300 homophones. Rhyme Antics adds 2-4 new words to each player’s vocabulary each time they play.

Rhyme Antics has already established stellar reviews from consumers. More than 30 focus groups have been conducted amongst segmented demographics. These focus groups tested Rhyme Antics gameplay and surveyed player's reactions , perceptions, opinions and attitudes. Results proved to be exceedingly positive. 



Rhyme with us!