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Grunge Trap Look
Grunge T rap
Grunge Trap Look
Trap Appropriate and Life Approved.
A collection that’s Grunge, Crisp and Trap.
Versatile and imperfectly tailored, each design can be effortlessly paired with
In rugged silks, dark, beige, and Milano knits the look is laid back and minimal for
street and casual ware.
This look outlines the key pieces and accessories you will need to build your trap and
street wardrobe, as well as simple styling inspiration that prove there is always more
than one way to style a trap look. This is our modern approach to a Trap Life.
Grunge Trap Look
T h e B l a c k T e e
No matter the occasions, a black tee shirt will always work.
We have styled this one to have a clean silhouette with a single zipper fastening the
Grunge Trap Look
T h e B e i g e S w e a t e r
We have updated the classic knit fabric, a classic and weighted fit with a season look.
It is tailored for an incredible draped layering.
Grunge Trap Look
T h e D e n i m J a c k e t
Respect the Denim: this jacket pairs well with neutral trousers.
100% Denim adds grunge to the look.
We love the statement that matches the natural colours
Grunge Trap Look
T h e L o o s e G r e y S h i r t
Designed to skim the body, this tee hangs loose from the shoulders with a lightly
ribbed neckline.
The shirt accommodates layering over shirts and jackets or, on its own- our garments
state being the perfectionist of accompaniment.
Grunge Trap Look
T h e P r o p o r t i o n a t e - B e i g e J a c k e t
Work with proportion: the variations of the jacket help elevate any outfit.
This Jacket sends a statement; golden tonal colours, beautiful knitted silhouette and
a vintage look.
Grunge Trap Look
T h e P o l o N e c k
The very definition of Chivalry in Trap: the ability to welcome uniqueness in any
The polo neck pairs with almost any type of layering. Our own take on the classic
man vs. Trap Lord, the polo neck tee has exaggerated class paired with certain
Grunge Trap Look
T h e C h a m p a g n e R a c e r
If it suits an everyday requirement to be a champion then this jacket will never fail to
Made with Premium quality fabric, this Jacket suits an everyday modern Champion
Grunge Trap Look
T h e E v e r - r e a d y J a c k e t
This look answers to anywhere everyday street-ware: royal blue cut to a
contemporary fit.
Wear this Jacket at any occasion and it will suit the Trap or lesser formal occasion
Grunge Trap Look
T h e H i p s t e r T i m b e r l a n d
An easy one to dress up or down. Trap or Dapper. Few shoe items are as versatile as
brown leather shoes. These shoes fortunately, happen to be high-top boots that help
slim the frame and add highest quality to the look.
Grunge Trap Look
T h e P u m p e d U p K i c k s !
Your everyday pair: laidback and comfortable is a wishful everyday piece. Edgy and
modern sport-styled aesthetic.
The predominantly white colour looks both cool and favourable when it comes to
breaking tonal variations in your Trap Look