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In 1996, The One Club mounted a retrospective of the work of Scali, McCabe, Sloves. This catalog contains the reflections of many writers and art directors who worked there. Scali is gone. As are Carl Ally, PKL, Levine, Huntley, Schmidt, Della Femina, Travisano. Delehanty, Kurnit, & Geller, Wells, Rich, Greene, Jack Tinker, Daniel & Charles, to name just a few. The Scali years was a time in advertising like none else. And no, Mad Men has not captured it. Scali however, in its early days, pre-Ogilvy was unique. A mecca. A training ground. A temple of great advertising created by five equal partners from creative, account service, and research. Do you want to start an ad agency today? This catalog is the ONLY book you need for your roadmap. Everything that's needed to build a great agency is between the two covers. Absolutely everything.

If you're looking for an ad agency that will give you creative work and account service like Scali, McCabe, Sloves gave its clients, give us a call .  Working with great agencies has been part of our calling since, well, since we were lucky enough to get to work with the best of them.

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