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Languages In France 

An important aspect of the culture in France is the languages spoken by the people. The primary language spoken in France is French and it is customary for all the business government, and educational documents to be written and communicated in French. Other languages spoken in the region of France include: Vasconic, Italo-Dalmatian, Gallo-Romance, Germanic, and Celtic. The Occitan language is the one that is most widely used and it is believed to have existed since the 10th century. Poets were known to write in this language and have tried to standardized the way it is written.  Additionally, a large number of immigrants languages have emerged and become an important part of their way of life. (Pariona)

Foods In France 

French restaurants are classy and fancy. Food is one part of culture for France . France’s holidays or traditions revolve around food . Food is so important to France especially during the holidays. France is famous for cheese and wine, the country has over 1000 different types of cheese, from cow, sheep, and milk. France usually drink wine with cheese all the time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The other meals of the day are typically simple, like a sandwich and wine . Horses and rabbits are featured prominently in French food. French uses a wider variety of meats than most American dishes are used to. They play this game when they have to guess a family member and hide under the table , if they guess it right they will get a slice of cake first. Food plays on the important role in the French culture since it is valued by all , and their selection of dishes are unique and tasty.(Bravitch)

Traditions in France

A  major part of the French culture are the traditions that they practice which might seem different than what other cultures observe. French culture was influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman culture as well as the Frank and Germanic tribes. Equality among the people is very important, so they are a close community. Romance and passion is a very important part of the tradition that the French people value . Marriage arrangements are common in this country and many couples have an agreement to be together but can leave by marrying someone else or asking the other person to leave. This tradition is so important to France because they are a close community that care about each other.(Zimmermann)


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