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              A Lizards

                Wild World 






















 I Dedicate this book  to :  My

Grandma (Rose) . Also to my BFF claire Ryan .


A Lizards Wild World 


Published on February 6, 2017 in Mrs. Scott's Reading class.

    Table of Contents


1. chapter 1- Where it lives  pg 6


2. chapter 2 - Size, inverabrate or


vertabrate pg 8


3. chapter 3 - Eating habbits pg 10


4.  chapter 4 - Adaptation pg 12


5. chapter 5 - Description pg 14


6. chapter 6 - Intersting Facts pg 16


7. About the Author pg 18

Chapter 1 - Where does It live ?




           Some lizards live in south America.


Others live in Asia, Africa, and the Amazon


Jungle. The lizards stay in the understory or the






 Chapter 2 - Size in Vertabrate or  Inverabrate


The lizard is a verabrate animal because most


reptiles are. A baby lizards is about one inch


and then grows up to about 10ft long in about


2 to 3 yrs. A fun fact is that some baby lizards


have wigs but the wigs stay the same size and


the lizards do not. 


  Chapter 3 - Eating Habbits


      This is waht lizards like to eat. Big lizards


like to eat fons (baby deer) , racoons, and


other small animals. Tiny lizards eat butter


flys , crickets, flys and, tiny spiders. Also


mice and very little fruit. Fun fact is that


lizards can suck in there skin and hide in tiny


caves or holes and when it's food come it


craps it pulls it down and eats it.

 chapter 4 - Adaptation


     Lizards adapta to their evirment  by using posion or a blue tongue to scare off predators or spikes. Some use camofloge to hide. Last they can fly away or run on water to get away.


   This is a description of a Thissimple lizard.


They have scales with different colors. Tiny or


big with four legs.


 Some can fly others can walk on water.


Last lizards can squeeze thourgh tiny holes. A


cool thing is that some lizards have diets and


they eat flys and crickets.



Chapter 5 - Description 


1. lizards have three eyes.



2. There are over 4,675 speices of lizards.



3. lizards can have 2 to 4 legs or 5 legs.



4. lizards can live to about 50yrs.



5. A baby lizard can run and walk and find



food once it comes out of its moms




  Chapter 6 - Inseresting Facts


My name is Taylor Jacobs. I go to montana


magnet school and I am 11yrs old.I love




 I also like watching movies and art. I


made this book to show that reptiles are


werid and cool. I made this book In my


reading class. My teacher Mrs. Scott


gave me this asinment. My best friend is


Claire Ryan. Last I hope you enjoyed my



 About the Author